Del Boy Dressing Gown - you know you it makes sense!

Del Boy fleece dressing gown with matching mule slippers

By Mark Nobes

This cushty, adult-sized Del Boy fleecedressing gown (bathrobe) is based on the iconic sheepskin fur coat that he wore in the Only Fools and Horses BBC comedy series during the 1980s. Not only do the tan and white colours and design resemble his coat, but the quality thick fleece material is also soft, cosy and warm. 

The rear of the dressing gown includes a sewn on Trotter's Independent Trading Co. badge. It also includes a belt tie and two large front pockets. The gown also features five large buttons, allowing you to button-up during the cold winter nights.

Wearing this luvvly jubbly dressing gown, you can lounge around your home while on the old dog and bone, trying to seal the deal on the latest, state-of-the-art Betamax video recorders! And who knows, maybe this time next year you'll be a millionaire!

Thankfully, there's nothing dodgy about this gown, which is genuine BBC licensed Only Fools and Horses merchandise, and it will be very well-received by any fan of the classic BBC comedy series. And as Del Boy would say, "you know it makes sense".

Why not add these fur coat mule slippers which are a perfect match for the dressing gown, or these funky Reliant Regal van slippers for warm and cosy feet, too!