It's the small touches that really make an outfit special. Spice up your outfit with a wig, medallion, necklace, earrings and more. Here you'll find lots of fun ideas to make your 70s disco costume the grooviest in town!

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Disco Party Balloons

These discotheque themed balloons will add the finishing touch to your 70s party decor.

White Disco Shoes for Ladies

Party the night away in these stylish Mary Jane platform shoes. Ideal for 70s and disco dress-up.




Men's White Platform Shoes

These shoes are ideal for 60s, 70s and pimp dress-up. Okay, so they're not cheap, but they look fantastic and if you really want to look the part in your costume then these eye-catching shoes are a must-have!




White GoGo Boots

Made from PVC and leatherette with zipped fastening, these groovy boots are ideal for both 60s and 70s dress-up. Excellent value, too!









Silver Dazzle Disco Cap

This dazzling cap is covered in mirrored sequins. Perfect for 70s parties, hen nights, carnivals etc.


Rainbow Disco Cap

Funk up your outfit with this stylish rainbow styled sequin cap which is ideal for fancy dress parties and festivals.


1970s Disco Necklace
1970's Disco Necklace

A gold bling style necklace which will add the "Dave" factor to your disco costume!

Disco Ball Earrings
Disco Ball Earrings by Disco Fever

You'll really get noticed wearing these fab earrings which shout out 70s disco!

Disco Pendant Necklace
Disco Pendant Necklace

Bling-up your disco/Saturday Night Fever costume with this DISCO necklace.

LArge gold 70s Medallion
Large Gold Medallion

Ideal for creating the classic medallion man 70s disco look, and also can be added to a 70s pimp costume.

70s Disco Star Elton John Sunglasses
Elton John Style Star Sunglasses

A low cost accessory that will really make you look like a 70s star!



Giant Star Sunglasses

A fun accessory that'll turn you into a star on the dancefloor!




Ladies Denim Bell Bottoms
Denim Bell Bottoms

Retro style, stonewashed denim flared jeans. Perfect for 70s disco dress-up and they're made in England, too - just like back in the day!

70s Disco Pin Badges
1970s Pin Badges

A set of six quality badges with a seventies disco theme.

Dancing Queen pin badge
Dancing Queen Pin-on Badge

Let everyone know you mean business on the disco dancefloor with this high quality badge.

Afro Wig, Tash and round John Lennon Sunglasses set for men
60s/70s Afro Wig Set

Create a fun look for any fancy dress party, stag night's etc. This kit includes a black afro wig, round sunglasses and a stick-on tash.

Big Afro Wig

This fun, over-sized, Hendrix style wig is sure to get a few laughs and is ideal for 70s or disco themed parties and events.

Long Silver Wig for Women
Silver Glitter Disco Wig

This long, straight wig is ideal for lots of costumes, but would look particularly good with a seventies disco costume. Suggestion: Add some false silver eyelashes.

Blonde 70s Flick Wig
70s Flick Wig

Available in blonde, brown or black colours, this wig is ideal for adding to a 70s disco or ABBA costume.

70s Shag Wig for Men
70's Shag Wig for Men

This brown, shoulder-length wig by Rubies is ideal for wearing with all 70s costumes.

Tinsel Wig

Tinsel wigs are a fun, low-cost way to add a bit of sparkle to any costume, and are ideal for adding to disco/70s costumes. Perfect for Christmas parties and hen nights, too!



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