It's the small touches that really make an outfit special. Spice up your 70s outfit with a wig, medallion, necklace, earrings and more. Here you'll find lots of fun fancy dress accessories to make your 70s disco costume the grooviest in town!




Funk up your outfit by adding a groovy disco cap or hat. These are perfect for 70s themed parties, hen nights and carnivals.


70s Necklaces and Medallions

Recreate the Saturday Night Fever look, or show love and peace with a CND hippiemedallion. 


Platform Shoes for Men

They're not cheap, but they look fantastic, and if you really want to look the part in your costume, then these eye-catching platform shoes are a must-have!


Go-Go Boots for Women

Party the night away in these stylish disco boots.


70s Sunglasses and Teashades

From cool retro aviator shades to super star glasses, you'll find them all here.


70s Party Decorations

No one can "get down" in a bare-looking room. These stylish decorations will help make your room/event look sensational and will add to the party atmosphere.


70s Disco Balloons

Add the finishing touch to your discotheque look with these colourful balloons.


70s Disco Wigs

Strut your funky stuff as the king or queen of the dancefloor with one of these groovalicious fancy dress wigs. Become Leo Sayer or Agnetha from ABBA, or maybe one of the Charlie's Angels - the choice is yours!