On this page you'll find a wide range of women's disco style costumes. For an eye-catching 70s look, you can't go far wrong by dressing up as one of the girls from ABBA.

As you will see, a groovy range of 70s disco outfits and clothing items are available in a wide-range of colours and styles, inc, catsuits, jumpsuits, Waterloo, Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia, hot pants etc.

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Most Popular Disco Costumes 

ABBA Dancing Queen Fancy Dress Costume (Size 10-14)

You'll be able to boogie all night long in this easy-to-wear 70s fashion outfit, which is perfect for ABBA, disco and 70s themed parties.

Smiffy's 70s Disco Lady (sizes S M L)

This low-cost, white and silver themed disco outfit includes a matching top, trousers and belt and is perfect for 70s or ABBA dress-up.

Disco Fever Diva Costume (size M/L)

A striking outfit by Forum Novelties which includes the jacket, waitcoat shirt and trousers. Includes free delivery.

Hippie Disco Go Go Girl Costume

Ideal for either 60s or 70s dress-up, this outfit Includes the hippie-themed dress, headband and boot covers.



Pink or Blue Mamma Mia Costume (sizes 6-24)

This popular seventies ABBA costume includes trousers with Metallic Hemline, and a matching dress with Belt. Ideal for 70s, disco and, of course, ABBA themed parties and events.

White Mamma Mia Costume (sizes 8-18)

This gorgeous white outfit includes a 3-piece Ladies Velour Costume - top- belt- flared trousers. Please note that the price varies for each size.

Silver/Blue Waterloo Jumpsuit (size 6-8 only)

This is a striking 70s style jumpsuit with belt, and ideal for creating an ABBA or 70s disco look.

Dancing Dream Disco Jumpsuit - Blue or Pink (sizes 4-14 available)

Well, this is certainly an eye-catching costume and also available at a great price, too. The shiny, metallic look with triple flared legs will certainly turn heads on the dance floor!

1970s Multi-coloured Disco Dress

A low-cost, easy to wear, shiny fancy dress disco dress. Add go-go boots and wig to complete your look.

Funky Hippy Lady (size 10-12)

Includes a long-sleeved flowery tie top with matching bell bottom trousers. Perfect for a 70s disco, and a great price, too!

70s Disco Diva by Smiffy's (sizes 8-18)

This sleek black outfit will be a sure-fire head-turner on the dance floor and includes a headscarf and belt.




ABBA Flick Wig for Women
Silver Disco Jumpsuit Costume (sizes 8-18)

A sleek silver jumpsuit with flared bottoms which is features circle patterns. Absolutely ideal for a 70s disco look and you'll be grooving all night long in this costume!

Psychedelic Catsuit Costume (sizes 36-46)

A stunning, neon-coloured outfit which is cut in a sexy halterneck style and has a super wide-bottomed pants. Please note that the wig is not included.

Disco Mamma Costume (Medium/Large)

This highly-rated costume includes a zipper-front jumpsuit in a metallic, multi-coloured swirly pattern print with flared sleeves and legs, large collar and a shimmery pink belt with gold buckle.