Have You Discovered The Wonderful World of Eggbert Yet?

by Mark Nobes, chief editor

So you don't remember Eggbert? Well, don't worry, you're not losing it, he actually wasn't around in the 80s - phew!
Eggbert is a delightful, egg-shaped character from a book series for children, which has been endorsed by a wide range of TV and music stars, many of whom we grew-up with during the 1980s. These include Sir Cliff Richard, the late Robin Gibb, Jenny Agutter, Jane Seymour, Chris Tarrant and the creator of Inspector Morse, Colin Dexter. 
Eggbert's Adventures at the Zoo by Paul Gustafson
I actually had no idea about eggbert's existence, that is, until I received an email from his creator, Paul Gustafson, who pointed me in the direction of his awesome Eggbert's Advenures Website.
The website features not only details of the books, but also a really useful selection of downloadable fun activities for children, and I am pretty certain that these will be of great interest to the many parents and grandparents visting Simply Eighties.
Those of you who grew-up watching Blue Peter will remember making toys out of cardboard and plastic items from around the home, such as the classic Thunderbirds Tracy Island. Well, one of the Eggbert activities includes making his car from an old eggbox, which is so much more rewarding than simply buying an expensive plastic toy, and also a lot kinder to your bank balance, of course!
There is plenty of retro style fun to be had for both children and parents to get involved with, which also includes a cress seed experiment, an Eggbert board game, word search, book quiz and downloadable colouring sheets.
The Eggbert books are the result of five years of careful development, and their aim is not simply to entertain children, but to also help develop their reading skills and improve their vocabularly. 
Although Eggbert was not around in the 80s, the illustrations in the books have a wonderful retro charm to them, and this is, no doubt, because they have been illustrated by the legendary Ray Mutimar, who is responsible for many well-know magazine and comic strip illustrations, including the Postman Pat picture books, Charlie Chalk, Noddy, and Rupert and Friends.
You can order the much-loved books on the site, which are; Eggbert's Adventures at the Fair, Eggbert's Adventures at the Seaside and Eggbert's Adventures at the Zoo. 
So head over to eggbertsadventures.com and join in with the fun!