LIVE (A Diamond in the Mine)

This video was filmed at the MEN Arena in Manchester on 16 Dec. 2011. You can watch the original video further down the page and also in the playlist on the main Duran Duran page.

Planet Earth was Duran Duran's debut single that was taken from their self-titled album. It was released on 2 February 1981 and peaked at No.12 on the UK singles chart, but did better in Australia where it reached No.8.

Three other singles were also released from the Duran Duran album; Careless Memories, Girls On Film and My Own Way.

The Planet Earth video was directed by Russel Mulchany (he directed a dozen of the band's videos) and features the band in all their New Romantic glory. Indeed, this was one of the first videos of the 1980's to fully acknowledge the New Romantic style - love the frilly shirts!

At this stage of the early eighties, music video production was still in its infancy. Although the Planet Earth video looks a bit dated compared to later Duran Duran videos, these were exciting times for producers and directors who, no doubt, had great fun experimenting with special effects and twiddling their knobs.

Duran Duran

Planet Earth Vinyl with sleeve (Front)