Our video playlist (from our Youtube channel) features a selection of interviews with Duran Duran from the 80s. 

1. Duran Duran interviewed by Sally James on TISWAS in early 1982.

2. Interview with Anneka Rice on CBTV in 1983.

3. Interview with Tommy Boyd in 1983 on The Saturday Show (ITV).

4. Joan Rivers interviews the boys on The Late Show in 1987.

5. A 1982 interview with DJ Peter Powell

6. Simon Le Bon with David Letterman on 9th October 1985.

7. John Taylor, Simon Le Bon and Nick Rhodes on Good Morning America (14/6/1985) with John Barry discussing "A View To A Kill" the James Bond theme tune.

8. Nick Rhodes and Simon Le Bon interviewed on Finnish TV by Tommi Lihala in 1982.

9. John Taylor and Simon Le Bon interviewed in 1984 on Entertainment Tonight (US).

10. John and Andy Taylor interviews in 1984 by Paul Gambuccini.


Simon Le Bon on the cover of The Face magazine Feb 1984
Duran Duran on the cover of Look-In magazine October 1983
Duran Duran on the cover of Look-In magazine in Oct 1983

Duran Duran Arena - live album
Duran Duran Wild Boys by Steve Malin