Dynasty Krystie Carrington Costume

Dynasty Puff Sleeve Costume (U.S.)

Now, this is 80s fashion at its finest! Many ladies of a certain age will remember diving head-first into the world of power-dressing back in the 1980s. Of course, there were disastrous consequences for many, but certain ladies in the public eye (Princess Diana springs to mind) certainly embraced the fad with style.

The arrival of the soap Dynasty fuelled the desire for shoulder pads and puffed sleeves. The first season of the series experienced poor ratings, but the arrival of Joan Collins as Blake's devious ex-wife Alexis Carrington helped to propel the show to the No.1 spot in the TV ratings.

The costume above is ideal for creating a Dynasty, Krystie Carrington (Linda Evans) or general 80s power-dressing look. As I write, the costume is not currently available at the UK Amazon, but it is certainly available to buy at Amazon.com. However, I can highly recommend Angels Fancy Dress who have been in business for 175 years. You may also like to try ebay if you want the very best price, and a lot of leading fancy dress suppliers are selling their wares on the site these days.

By the way, the outfit includes the pink top with puffed sleeves and the black pencil skirt. Please note that the wig is not included.

80s Soap Star Wig (US)

This is the official wig for the costume, although it is not cheap and you may want to try the alternatives below instead.

Another alternative to the costume above is an actual puff sleeves dress from the 80s. You will find quite a wide range of vintage dresses at Etsy which will allow you to create a really authentic look.

80s Sprayed Wig

If you have plenty of hair, then you can try to recreate an 80s style by back brushing/combing and puffing it upwards using a hair dryer and then lots of hair spray. The style above gives you an idea of how it should look.

80s Crimp Wig Ladies

80s Quiff and Crimp Wig (US)

Buy in the UK

If you want to add a fun element to your 80s fashion costume then this wig will certainly do that! It combines two popular 80s styles and has been highly rated by customers. This wig is also a popular seller through my website simplyeighties.com. The quiff certainly has an 80s power-dressing feel to it.

Ladies Big Hair Wig for 80s dress-up

Big Hair Wig (US)

This wig certainly looks very 80s and has that big, lion's mane look and highlight streaks which is perfect for power dressing.

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