Released in September 1989, Drama! was the first single to be released from the Wild! album and reached #4 in the UK singles chart. Three more singles were released from the album; You Surround Me (#15), Blue Savannah (#3) and Star (#11).

This song has to be one of Erasure's best singles and, personally, I think the Wild! album featured some of Erasure's best songs, with Blue Savannah being my absolute favourite.

In the video, Andy and Vince appear to be in a filthy back street/alley with garbage tumbling towards them in the wind and from out of the sky, while a bemused cat looks on. Thankfully, the song isn't rubbish! The boys manage to escape onto the roof tops, but are swallowed up by ever increasing plastic mountain.

While on the rooftop, a Moog Minimoog lands near Vince, who then starts playing an infectious riff on it with what sounds like an accordion preset - quite incredible seeing as it's not plugged in! 



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