By Mark Nobes, chief editor

Released in September 1989, Drama! was the first single to be released from the Wild! album and reached #4 in the UK singles chart. Three more singles were released from the album; You Surround Me (#15), Blue Savannah (#3) and Star (#11).

This song was critically acclaimed, and it has to be one of Erasure's best singles. Personally, I think the Wild! album featured some of Erasure's finest songs, with "Blue Savannah" being my absolute favourite.

In the video, Andy and Vince appear to be in a filthy back street/alley with garbage tumbling towards them in the wind and from out of the sky, while a bemused cat looks on. Thankfully, the song isn't rubbish! The boys manage to escape onto the roof tops, but are swallowed up by ever-increasing plastic mountain.

While on the rooftop, a Moog Minimoog lands near Vince, who then starts playing an infectious riff on it with what sounds like an accordion preset - quite incredible seeing as it's not plugged in! 


The B-side of the 7 inch vinyl and cassette singles included the track "Sweet Sweet Baby", with the 12 inch and CD singles featuring The Moo-Moo Mix of "Sweet Sweet Baby" instead, and a third track "Paradise". The A-side featured "Drama!" (Act 2). A limited edition 12 inch was also released in the UK which included three different mixed; "Drama!" (Krucial Mix), "Sweet Sweet Baby" (Medi Mix) and "Paradise" (Lost and Found Mix).