Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)"

By Mark Nobes

"Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)" was the title track from Eurythmics second album, and brought Eurythmics their breakthrough into commercial success in early 1983. The song peaked at No.2 in the UK and made No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S.
The song was the fourth single to be released from the album of the same name in the UK, but was the first ever single to be released in the U.S. by Eurythmics, and so to reach No.1 was an amazing achievement.
Released in January 1983, the Sweet Dreams album featured four tracks that were released as singles; "This Is The House" (which failed to chart), "The Walk" (failed to chart), "Love Is A Stranger" (#23 U.S., #6 UK, #15 Canada, #17 Australia and a hit in numerous other countries) and finally, the title track.
Eurythmics went on to achieve success with another five studio albums during the 80s, and have released 30 singles since 1981, of which 24 reached the UK Top 40. In the U.S. the duo had ten Top 40 singles. 
Sweets Dreams (Are Made Of This) 12 inch vinyl sleeve front
In the video (directed by Chris Ashbrook and shot in January 1983) we see Annie Lennox adopting her iconic androgynous look with pale skin and cropped orange hair. She is wearing a suit and carrying a cane, and the look caused some people at the time to believe she was a transvestite. The look also helped propel Eurythmics to the mainstream and gain worldwide popularity. Lennox is in a board room in front of a projection of images from a Saturn Five rocket launch and a crowd of people walking along a street.
The synth heads amongst you will have spotted Dave Stewart using a Movement MCS Drum System Mk1, a British drum machine/computer which retailed at close to £2000 - it was a pretty expensive bit of kit, and certainly out of the reach of many aspiring pop bands back in the 80s.
Another music video was also created featuring the duo sat opposite each other in a train carriage. A giant image of Annie's lips appear in the window and this alternates with a cityscape. Dave Stewart thumps a tray (which is attached to the carriage) at the start of each bar of music. Annie also joins in by thumping the seat and later clicking her fingers.  


UK 7" Single - RCA Ltd. DA 2 (1983)

A. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) LP Version 3:31

B. I Could Give You (A Mirror) 3:52

UK 12" Single - RCA Ltd. DAT 2 (1983)

A. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) - Extended Version (4:50)

B1. I Could Give You (A Mirror)  3:54

B2. Baby's Gone Blue (Non LP track) 4:14

A picture disc DA(P)2 was also released featuring the same tracks as the 7" vinyl.

3 Inch CD Single (1989)

1. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) 3:36

2. I Could Give You A Mirror 4:15

3. Here Comes The Rain Again 4:54

Paint A Rumour 7:30

Chart Positions

"Sweet Dreams" reached No.1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, and also the SNICOP (SNEP) chart in France, Canada's RPM Top Singles and The Record Retail Singles Chart in Canada. The single reached the top ten on 19 charts across the globe.
The song reached No.2 on the UK's Official Singles Chart, Spain's AFYVE Chart, the U.S. Dance Club Chart (by Billboard), New Zealand's RIANZ chart, the Irish Singles Chart and Belgium's Top 30 chart.
This second video features the duo performing a more up-tempo, live version of "Sweet Dreams" on The Tube in 1983.
Sweet Dreams Are Made of This vinyl LP

Vinyl Lp