Free Retro 8-Bit Style HTML5 Game

By Mark Nobes, chief editor

This browser game has the look and sound of a 1980s side-scrolling game, and it can be played on your any device. It's very easy to play with just a couple of controls, although, as with many games from the era you'll find it hard to master. 

As the title suggests, your mission is to get your girlfriend back from the clutches of an evil robot. However, there are many obstacles and enemies to contend with. Jump over the obstacles and fire at your enemies by either tapping the screen or using your left and right mouse buttons.

Scroll down to the game below to start playing. We recommend that you flip the screen to your preference, as different devices give very different results. Tap the left and right of the screen to fire and jump. On a PC, click the left of the screen to jump and the right to fire.

Both the music and graphics have an authentic 80s feel, and you'll have a blast playing this one - enjoy.

Evil Robot Stole My Girlfriend Again screenshot 1

Screenshot 1

Evil Robot Game Screenshot 2

Screenshot 2