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White Fame Movie Logo T-Shirt
White Fruit Of The Loom Fame Logo T-Shirt
Before I start, I would like to mention that I could only find one Fame T-shirt for our U.S. readers, and I have included this halfway down the post under "Ladies Fame T-shirts". Fortunately, there are many tees available in the UK, otherwise I wouldn't be able to write this post!

Now, imagine being transported back to the summer of 1980. There was one film that every young girl wanted to see and it certainly wasn't Friday The 13th! It was, of course, the American high school musical movie Fame.

However, the popularity of Fame didn't end in 1980. The film spawned a TV series which was particularly popular here in the UK, and in 1982 Irene Cara's theme tune topped the UK charts.


The Kids from Fame also had a number of chart hits including Hi Fidelity and Starmaker which both reached the Top 5, and their self-titled album topped the UK album charts for a whopping 12 weeks.Yes, Fame mania became a major part of the 1980s for teens and pre-teens, at least, and with quite a number of adults, too, I would imagine.

Retro Fame logo T-Shirt for men (choice of colours)
British made Fame logo tee
Whether you want to rekindle some fond memories of your teen years or you're looking for a T-shirt idea for an 80s party or event, then a Fame T-shirt solves both these problems in one! You could also create a fun, 80s workout costume. Just add leg warmers, leggings and sweatbands.

By the way, you'll find ladies tees further down this post, but I'll start off with T-shirts for men. I particularly like the clean and simple design of the white T-shirt (above) which features the iconic red logo, and is available in sizes from 34" to 48" chest. It's also available as a slim fit design for women.

If you prefer a different colour then you'll be pleased to know that another Fame logo T-shirt by Tees & Biscuits is available in three colours; black, navy or red. It's designed and printed here in the UK and the logo is larger than on the white tee and is printed (using high quality vinyl) onto a 100% cotton, ringspun T-shirt.

So far, I've only linked to suppliers at Amazon UK. I can also recommend checking out the suppliers at ebay as you can often find a bargain or two here.

Ladies Fame T-Shirts

Okay, here's one for our American visitors. This eye-catching blue tee is available at Amazon.com, although is only available in a slim fit (juniors/baby doll) style cut. However, sizes go up to XX-large, so if you're not happy with a figure-hugging style then go for the largest size. For the same bargain price you can also buy this stunning multiple logo stars tee which is also an officially licensed design. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find this particular design being sold here in the UK.

Official Fame Silver Stars Multiple Logo Tee for Women
Fame Silver Stars Quad Logo Tee

Offiical Fame Logo Organic T-shirts (7 Colours available)
Official Fame Logo Organic T-shirt (7 colours)

A personal favourite of mine is this officially licensed, organic Tee with pink Fame logo which is supplied by Shotdeadinthehead (intriguing name!) at Amazon UK. The light pink seems to work well with all of the seven colour choices and my eyes are drawn to the green one, maybe because it's a bit more quirky and it fits well with my character.

Baby Pink Fame 80s Logo Tee for Women
Baby Pink Fame Tee £9.99 at ebay

I found this tee at ebay and it's also available in classic black and white colours. Sizes range from 10 to 16 and I always prefer a V neck as they tend not to go baggy around the shoulders - it's so annoying when that happens! By the way, I've linked to a search page for Fame T-shirts (filtering out Lady Gaga!) so you can see everything that's available.

White, slim fit red 1980s Fame logo Tee for women
Ladies White Slim Fit Fame Logo Tee

Here is the slim fit tee that I mentioned earlier on in this post. There's only one colour available, although the white tee was a popular choice back in the 80s and it has a very authentic retro feel. You can buy this one from the Vintage Magazine Company at Amazon.

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