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Released on 31st August 1987, the band's third single, "Little Lies" (from their hugely successful fourteenth studio album "Tango in the Night"), entered the UK chart at #82 on 6th September.
At first, it seemed like the single might just flop, staying put at #82 the following week. However, plenty of airplay ensured that the single would slowly crawl up the charts, eventually reaching its peak position of #5 on 25th October, where it remained for one week, before slipping back to #6. The single also reached #4 in the U.S.
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"Little Lies" was written by vocalist Christine McVie and keyboardist Eddy Quintela who married on 18th October 1986 and divorced in the mid 1990s. The lyrics explain how the singer would prefer to listen to little lies (white lies) rather than the unhappy truth from her lover. Indeed, a good many songs by the band refer to unstable relationships.
The B-side featured a new track written by Christine McVie and the band's lead guitarist/vocalist Lindsey Buckingham entitled "Ricky".
This was the first single by Fleetwood Mac to be released as a cassette single, a format which became popular for a short time during the late 1980s. The single was also released on 7" and 12" vinyl and also as a limited edition picture disc. The extended version and dub version of "Little Lies" were remixed by John "Jellybean" Benitez.
The video is set around some old farm buildings with images of the band walking around them and playing their instruments. There are suggestions that the location is at Christine McVie's property in Greenodd, Cumbria in the UK, while other sources suggest the band had a farm in Surrey. The right-hand drive Rolls Royce in the barn would suggest it is certainly somewhere in the British Isles. If anyone knows the exact location then please do leave your comments on this page.
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The band's follow-up single "Family Man" stalled at #54 in the UK. However, the next single "Everywhere" performed much better, peaking at #4 and becoming the highest charting single in the UK from "Tango in the Night". 
So what are your biggest memories of Fleetwood Mac in the 80s? For some, it's the infamous pairing of Mick Fleetwood and Samantha Fox at the 1989 Brit Awards. For others, it's the band's infectious songs, which sneaked their way into your head and had you humming them for the rest of the day.