By Mark Nobes

This video clip is a little raunchy, but quite hilarious. He we have Frankie Goes To Hollywood performing Relax live (well, miming actually) on German TV, with the openly Gay lead singer, Holly Johnson, being led on by a scantily clad lady.

Towards the end Lemmy from Motorhead appears with his guitar, before grabbing the lady for himself, although I'm sure Holly wouldn't really care about that! It's all very pantomime, but it's just a shame that this wasn't a proper live performance, which I know that Frankie are very capable of.

Lemmy from Motorhead - 80s rock
Relax, of course, was infamously banned by the Radio One DJ Mike Read, which led to the single shooting to the top of the charts for five weeks and becoming one of the best-selling singles of all-time in the UK. Frankie Goes To Hollywood achieved success with seven singles and two studio albums overall before disbanding. However, there have been numerous compilation albums released since then. Frankie Said - The Very Best Of  was released on 5th November 2012. 
"Relax" has spent a total of 52 weeks in the UK Top 100. In the U.S., the song was initially only a moderate hit during 1984. However, when re-released in 1985, the single reached No.10 during March. 

What are the Lyrics to Relax about ?

Initially, I always thought the lyrics to "Relax" were about not using a condom during ejaculation. However, they are actually about delaying ejaculation, hence, "relax, don't do it".
There has always been a question mark over part of the lyrics which many believed to be "When you want to suck to it", including myself during the 80s. However, the media were told that the line was "when you want to sock it to it". However, Holly Johnson later admitted that the lyric is actually "When you wanna suck it, chew it".
Record Mirror Oct 1986 ft. Paul Rutherford and Holly Johnson