Frankie Say War Hide Yourself 80s T-shirt

Frankie Goes To Hollywood T-shirts

So should your T-shirt display "Frankie Say Relax" or "Frankie Says Relax". Well, let's put a stop to the confusion right now. 

The original, official 80s T-shirts were used to promote the band Frankie Goes To Hollywood which included Frankie Say Relax Don't Do It, Frankie Say RelaxFrankie Say War Hide Yourself and Frankie Say Arm The Unemployed. The band's PR manager Paul Morley designed the slogans, which borrowed heavily from Katharine Hamnett's block slogan designs - she designed the Choose Life for 80s pop band Wham!

Therefore, "Frankie Say" is the officially correct term as this refers to the band, not a person. Frankie Say Relax was, by far, the most popular official T-shirt design, and referred to the chart-topping, controversial song "Relax", which was banned by the BBC (for a while) for it's explicit lyrics. The accompanying video was also banned. Official shirts featured the band's logo on them underneath the slogan.

However, as well as the official T-shirts, there were numerous unofficial T-shirts released in the mid-80s which which displayed "Frankie Says Relax" and some amusing ones which displayed slogans such as "I Don't Give a Sh*t What Frankie Says". These bootleg tees for the cash-strapped working classes became as cool to wear as the originals, and the very place that Frankie were born, Liverpool, was very much a working class city which was struggling to survive with high unemployment under Margaret Thatcher's Tory government. So the bottom line is, it doesn't really matter which one you wear, they're both authentically 80s.