Frogger was one of the biggest games of the 80s. Like many games of the period, it was simple and straightforward to play and nothing special to look at, but it was incredibly addictive. You can play it again for free right now, and you can also read more info underneath the game.

Instructions: Simply use your arrow keys to move your frog and the spacebar to jump. Simply avoid all of the traffic and then try to jump on to the logs and turtles to make it to the top of the screen to one of the lilypads. Get five frogs onto the lilypads to complete the level. Each level will become harder to complete.

How NOT to play frogger

1. Create a terrible splat by jumping right in front of a vehicle
2. Drown your poor froggy by leaping into the river
3. Jump onto a nasty snake on the riverbank
4. Jump into the jaws of a crocodile lurking on the riverbank
5. Jump onto a diving turtle and wait for it to be totally submerged - that's just cruel!
6. Jump into a home already occupied by a frog or a crocodile
7. Ride a turtle or log off the side of the screen
8. Run out of time!



Frogger was created by the Japanese video game and toy company Konami, and was distributed by Sega and Gremlin, with the very first version appearing in the arcades during 1981.

Of course, there are now dozens, if not hundreds of clones available to play online, but it is the original game that people of a certain age (including myself!) remember most fondly.

A cartridge version was produced by Parker Bros. in the early part of the eighties for home consoles such as the Atari 2600/5200, ColecoVision and Intellivision, as well as 8-bit computers that could support rom cartridges such as the Atari 800XL - this is the version that I played as a teenager. I actually miss the days of simply plugging a game cartridge into the slot and instantly playing it, and this method was much quicker than loading a game on cassette or disk. Floppy disk and cassette versions were also distributed by Sierra at the time.

Many versions of the game also appeared in computer magazines as type-in listings in BASIC code (I remember spending a whole evening typing these in!), and you may have played clones such as Froggy on the ZX Spectrum, Hopper on the BBC Micro or Acorn Electron and Freeway on the Atari 2600.

Frogger board game by MB Games
Even a board game was created by MB Games
Frogger game cartridge for the Atari 2600 by Parker Bros
Atari 2600 Cartridge
Frogger and Threshold Double Disk for COmmodore 64 by Sierra On-Line
Frogger and Threshold double-disk for the C64 by Sierra On-Line

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