You can relive the early 80's by playing this Free Pacman Game right now on all devices! 

We used to have an arcade version in the local Youth Club, but it was so popular that you had to add your name to a list - it could be a couple of weeks before you actually played the damn game! 

You can read more about Pac-Man underneath the actual game below.

Instructions: Simply use the left and right arrow keys (or your finger on mobile/android devices) to guide Pacman through the maze. Gobble-up all the pills to complete a level. Avoid the ghosts at all costs! You can temporarily eat the ghosts when you munch one of the larger power pills. 

Pac-Man video game cartridge for the Atari 2600 (1981)


Pac-Man was originally created by Toru Iwatani for the Japanese software company Namco. It was released into the arcades during 1980 and became extremely popular. It was originally called Puck-Man, but the name was changed when it was released outside Japan for obvious reasons!

Because of the success of Pac-Man, Atari decided to release a version for the 2600 console, which had sold nearly 8 million units. The job of programming the game went to Tod Frye. However, he was given a limited amount of time by Atari to complete the project. What seemed liked a simple piece of programming became a bit of a nightmare for Frye. The technical differences between the Atari system and the original arcade hardware (especially the memory!) proved to be extremely challenging.

When it was finally ready, Atari produced 12 million rom cartridges, expecting a high number of sales. Initially, the game sold very well, and 7 million copies were shifted making it Atari's best-selling title. However, it was critically panned and customers returned the game in their droves!

On viewing the video above and comparing it the the arcade version below, you will see that the version for Atari's most successful games console was simply dire. For a start, where is the fruit? It was a complete marketing disaster for Atari!