By Mark Nobes, chief editor

Here we have an authentic flash version of the Nintendo classic platform game, Super Mario Bros., which was originally released in 1985. Featuring Mario and his Brother Luigi, the original game helped to end the two-year slump in the video games market after the crash in 1983. It wasn't just the best-selling game of the 80s, but of all time! That was, until the release of Wii Sports in 2009 - Nintendo certainly have their finger on the pulse!

Instructions: Select Play and then choose either Mario or Luigi to play as. Use your arrow keys to control your character. Use the Up arrow key to jump and the down arrow to crouch/duck. Collect the coins and avoid the nasties - you can jump on these! Hint: There are many hidden coins.
I remember spending many lunch times playing this game with my work colleagues while working at a garage during the 1990s. Someone brought in their old NES, and it became a permanent fixture - happy times!
The side-scrolling platform game is set in the Mushroom Kingdom. The main objective is to rescue Princess Peach from the leader of the Koopa race, Bowser. His ultimate goal is to kidnap the princess and rule the Mushroom Kingdom.
What really made the game so playable were the very precise controls. Anyone growning-up playing platform games in the early 80s, will have been used to putting up with dodgy controls and a lack of sideways scrolling. Super Mario Bros. was pretty advanced when compared to the many of the platform games being played on their ZX Spectrums.
Super Mario Bros game artwork for the NES (1985)
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