I was in my teen years when these plush toys came out, so I was way too old to be playing with them. However, I certainly remember seeing them in the TV adverts and in toy shops. The Glo Worm toy was first made available in 1982 by Hasbro, and whenever you squeezed its body it would emit a comforting, soft glow which was powered by batteries.

The line was highly successful and was quickly followed by a range of other merchandise including night lights, story books and videos, and this was marketed into the early 1990s. A range of Glo Friends toys was also launched along with The Glo Friends TV cartoon series in 1986 which aired as part of My Little Pony and Friends. Glo Friends books by Ladybird also became popular.

A Glo Worm range is now produced by Playskool.
Original 1980s Glo Worm Toy
Original 1980s Glo Worm toy
Glo Friends Bug Puppet Toy by Hasbro (1985)
Glo Friends Bug puppet toy from 1985 by Hasbro
Glo Friends Annual 1987
Thermos Glo Friends lunch box from 1986
Original Thermos pink lunch box from 1986
Playschool Glow Worm toy