By Mark Nobes, chief editor

When Guns N' Roses third single release, "Sweet Child O' Mine", topped the Billboard Hot 100, the band knew that had finally made it big! Released in August 1988, the song was also a huge European hit, and its re-release in 1989 reached #6 in the UK.

The single entered the UK singles chart at #14 on 28th May 1989, climbing to #6 on 11th June for one week.

Guns N' Roses debut album, Appetite For Destruction, remains the rock band's most successful. Released on July 21st 1987, it went on to achieve 18 x Platinum in the U.S., Diamond in Canada and 2x Platinum in the UK. 

After the release of their very first single, "It's So Easy", only reached #84 in the UK, things didn't look too rosy for the band. However, the success of their second single release, "Welcome To The Jungle", must've been a relief for the band. It broke into the U.S. top ten, peaking at #7 and it also gave the band their first UK hit, reaching #24. 

Paradise City, the fourth and final single to be lifted from the album, was also a top ten hit in many countries, reaching #5 in America and #6 in the British singles chart. "Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty", now those lyrics are quite brilliant! 

It's not just the massive sales that make Appetite For Destruction one of the finest eighties albums. The band can play their instruments extremely well, and the huge drum sound from Steve Adler adds to the energy and excitement. There are no filler tracks, and if you like top quality heavy metal then you quite simply need this album in your collection!

In the video, we see the band in rehearsals at Mendiola's Ballroom in Huntingdon, Los Angeles. It also features all of the band members girlfriends. It was filmed in black and white.
Sweet Child O' Mine 12 inch vinyl Guns N Roses
Sweet Child O' Mine 3 inch CD single - Guns N Roses


3 inch CD single which included "Move To The City", "Whole Lotta Rosie" (Live!) and "It's So Easy" (Live!). The 12" vinyl featured the same tracks.

Both the 1988 and 1989 UK 7 inch released (GEF43 and GEF55) featured the LP version of "Out Ta Get Me" on the B-side. However, the US 7 inch (27963-7) featured "It's So Easy" (Live at The Marquee Club, June 28 1987) as the B-side.
The original 1988 12 inch single (GEF43T) released in the UK included 3 tracks. "Sweet Child O' Mine" (LP version), "Out Ta Get Me" (LP version) and "Rocket Queen" (LP version).
The radio-friendly single version edited out a big slice of Slash's epic guitar solo, which displeased both the band and fans.  
Guns N' Roses
Guns N Roses