By Jane Duncan, freelance writer

Aug 2nd 2019

I’m sure many would agree that the 1980s was the most entertaining, colourful and energetic decade in history! Almost every aspect of 80s culture was delightfully exaggerated and over the top, whether it be the fashion, music or film. For this reason and many more, it has captured the hearts and imagination of many, and that temptation is there to live it all over again whenever the occasion arises. One of the best and most exciting ways to do this of course, is to throw an 80’s themed party! Below are some top tips for planning your 80s extravaganza.

80s Themed Party Invites

Sprinkle some 80s magic before the party has even begun by creating themed invites. If you have a picture of you from back in the day with a big hair do and wearing 80s attire, then you could scan this onto the invite, or print a load out and glue them on. Make it colourful with some retro patterns and designs on it - you could scan some pictures of some famous icons on to the card such as Madonna, Molly Ringwald, Prince  or Mr T! This could also help stimulate some ideas for fancy dress options.
Editor's Tip: If you're as artistic as a blindfolded hippo, or you just can't be bothered with the hassle of creating your own invites, you can buy a pack of 10 x 80s party invites from

Everyone Must Dress The Part

You can’t throw an 80s party unless everyone dresses the part! Besides, checking out the outfits and seeing who people have dressed up as is one of the most fun and enjoyable parts of the whole event!

In the invite, you should give people lots of ideas to choose from, such as signature fashion ideas like jumpsuits, stonewashed denim, neon colours, leg warmers, fingerless gloves, mini-skirts, mullets for men and big permed hair for women.

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80's Party Girl Costume


Decorate Your Home

Make your home look unique to the 80’s decade by dressing your walls, lights, chairs and table tops in neon colours and bright decorations, if you have a disco ball, that would be perfect for the dance floor area. If you have some old wall posters lying around with any 80’s related themes or icons on then now is the time to don them again. 

You could by some Rubik’s Cubes and dot them around your home as well, and you'll find out if there any puzzle masters amongst you! You could also ask your guests to bring their own favourite item or personal possession from the 80’s and create a memorabilia table which would make for a great conversation starter.

Editor's Tip: Cut out some posters from old pop magazines you may still have gathering dust in the loft (such as Smash Hits) and use them as wall posters. Alternatively, visit our 80s party decorations page for lots of ready-made ideas.
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Compiling a playlist with old 80’s classics is a must, you could even ask your guests to request an old song when they RSVP so everyone has the chance to listen to their favourite classic. While there will surely be lots of eccentric dancing going it’s also a good idea to have some other activities prepared such as quizzes and games. 

Some ideas include: an 80s music trivia quiz, setting up a games table/nostalgia zone with a range of 80’s games on there such as battleships, connect 4 or trivial pursuit, designing your own pack of cards with a question on each one to encourage people to share their memories, stories and experiences of the decade, and a best dressed competition. 

You could have an 80s themed prize for the winner of the best dressed competition such as a Rubik’s Cube keyring, neon bangles or a DVD of an 80s movie from a charity shop. If you wanted to you could send every one of your guests back with a little piece of nostalgia like this as a little reminder of that epic 80s themed party they once went to!

Cheese and Pineapple sticks

Food on cocktail sticks was popular in the UK, such as cheese with pineapple or grapes, and also cocktail sausages. See our post British 80s Party Food for lots of ideas.