by Mark Nobes, chief editor

We all remember this tantrum don't we? This is the classic moment when the American Tennis star, John McEnroe, threw a tantrum after the umpire (Edward James) claimed that the ball went out. McEnroe was playing Tom Gullinson at Wimbledon in 1981. This is still so amusing no matter how many times I watch it!

But Seriously: An Autobiography


"Answer the question Jerk!". Oh, this is just another brilliant moment. Watch and enjoy.
"Please Tell Me!" To this day, I don't think anyone ever did tell him did they? Another classic outburst from the 80s.
And this video proves he hasn't changed a bit! Here is McEnroe again aged 48 throwing another tantrum! He's playing Pat Cash on 3-8-07 at the Champions Cup in Naples, FL
Connors Vs McEnroe - This clip is from 1982 when tennis players had a lot more character and the game itself was far more exciting to watch. Here we see Jimmy Connors and McEnroe have a flare-up!
Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe have an argument
Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe have a row


John McEnroe playing tennis in 2012
John McEnroe in 2012 - photo by Prunoe