We all remember this don't we? This is the classic moment when American Tennis star John McEnroe threw a tantrum after the umpire (Edward James) claimed that the ball went out. McEnroe was playing Tom Gullinson at Wimbledon in 1981.This is still so amusing no matter how many times I watch it!


"Answer the question Jerk!". Oh, this is just another brilliant moment. Watch and enjoy.
"Please Tell Me!" To this day, I don't think anyone ever did tell him did they? Another classic outburst from the 80s.
And this video proves he hasn't changed a bit! Here is McEnroe again aged 48 throwing another tantrum! He's playing Pat Cash on 3-8-07 at the Champions Cup in Naples, FL
Connors Vs McEnroe - This clip is from 1982 when tennis players had a lot more character and the game itself was far more exciting to watch. Here we see Jimmy Connors and McEnroe have a flare-up!
Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe have an argument
Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe have a row
John McEnroe playing tennis in 2012
John McEnroe in 2012 - photo by Prunoe