I adore the simplicity of this song which proves the point that very often "less is more". When I saw the new version of this song by the group Man Like Me (in the Ikea advert a few years ago), I was scratching my head thinking "now where have I heard that song before?". After a quick internet search I found the original song by Jona Lewie appear. 

I guess I heard this song being played on the radio quite a lot back in 1980, but never really took much notice of who was singing it. The funny thing is that I have Stop The Cavalry on 7 inch vinyl, which was released for Christmas the very same year, and yet I had no incline that the same guy was singing this song. Mind you, I was still quite young at the time - that's my excuse, anyway!

Released on the Stiff Records label, the song was actually Jona Lewie's first chart hit in the UK, reaching #16, and featured on his amusingly titled 1978 studio album On The Other Hand There's A Fist. The English singer/songwriter's only other hit was the aforementioned Stop The Cavalry.


Jona Lewie - On The Other Hand There's A Fist - Album Sleeve