by Mark Nobes, chief editor

Junior Giscombe (real name Norman Washington Giscombe - what a mouthful and Norman just wouldn't work would it?) had a #7 hit in the UK with "Mama Used To Say" in 1982. The song also peaked at #30 in the US Bilboard Hot 100.

From London and with Jamaican parents, the ex-backing singer with the band Linx had two more Top 40 hit singles in the UK during the 80s, and one in the 90s, and these were; "Too Late" in 1982 (#20), "Another Step (Closer To You)" with Kim Wilde in 1987 (#6) and "Then Came You" in 1992 (#32).

The Best of Junior (album)


The vinyl single sleeve for "Mama Used To Say". The B-side of the 7" featured the "American Instrumental Mix". The 12" vinyl included a different instrumental and the "English Party Mix".
Junior's debut LP
Junior released five albums during the 1980s, but his only successful one in the UK was his debut Ji which reached #28 in the album charts.
"Do You Really (Want My Love)" was the third track on the soundtrack to the 1984 comedy action film Beverly Hills Cop which starred Eddie Murphy. The album also included the hit singles "Axel F" by Harold Faltermeyer and "The Heat Is On" by Glenn Frey. The album was released on April 8th 1985 by MCA Records and won a Grammy ward in 1986 for "Best score soundtrack for visual media".
Junior riding a racing bike which were very popular at the time. I remember that just about every young lad wanted one for Christmas, in the UK, at least.
Kim WIlde and Junior - Another Step Closer Tou You - single 7
The single sleeve for "Another Step (Closer To You)". Hmm, I'm not sure who Kim Wilde's make-up artist was, but he/she should have been sacked on the spot - those eyebrows just aren't right!


1982  Mama Used To Say  #7  #30 (U.S.)

1982  Too Late  #20

1982  Let Me Know/I Can't Help It  #53

1983  Communication Breakdown  #57

1983  Baby I Want You Back

1983  Unison

1984  Somebody  #64

1985  Do You Really (Want My Love)  #47

1985  Not Tonight

1985  Oh Louise  #74

1987  Another Step Closer To You (with Kim Wilde)  #6

1988  Yes (If You Want Me)

1990  Step Off  #63

1992  Then Came You  #32

1992  All Over The World  #74

2011  Mama Used To Say (New Version with Mumzy Stranger)

Chart positions are for the UK unless otherwise stated


1982  Ji  #28

1983  Inside Lookin' Out

1985  Acquired Taste

1988  Sophisticated Street

1990  Stand Strong

1992  Renewal

1995  Honesty

2005  Oceans

2011  Prisoner of Hope

The one chart position shown is for the UK.


Around 1984 to '85, Junior recorded a number of tracks with former Thin Lizzy band member Phil Lynott. After Lynott's death in January 1986, the tracks were never released and were still in demo format. However, the track "Lady Loves To Dance" was mastered, although never released officially. Junior shares vocals with Lynott on the tracks, and it's believed he possibly co-write them, too.
Other tracks recorded were "Time (and Again)", "What's The Matter Baby", "Time", "Breakdown" and "He Fell Like a Soldier".
Junior Giscombe