This was the third single release from Kajagoogoo's debut album "White Feathers" and reached #13 in the UK and #78 in the U.S. The song was written by band members Nick Beggs and Limahl, and the imaginative video is partly animated.

Kajagoogoo were a band who fully embraced the fashion and hairstyles of the 80s, but there was much more to these guys than just their style. They were accomplished musicians and you can really hear the quality of their music on the White Feathers album. The Nick Rhodes production adds lavishness, and the bass line on many of these songs is simply mouth-watering.

I just hope that this band are remembered for their songs, and not just for their big hair.


Hang On Now french vinyl 7

French 7" Vinyl Sleeve (EMI) Hang On Now

Kajagoogoo Pop Gallery Magazine
Pop Gallery magazine cover ft. Kajagoogoo