This upbeat tune is just the ticket to cheer you up on a dull day, and we get plenty of them here in the UK!  

The catchy tune made #8 in May 1985 (UK) and #9 in the U.S. It was originally released only in Canada in 1983 and featured on the band's debut album which was also entitled Walking On Sunshine. However, the song was re-recorded for the album Katrina & The Waves which reached #28 in the UK album charts and was the band's only Top 40 album. 

The follow-up single Do You Want Crying only managed a dismal #96 in the UK, but reached #29 in Canada and #37 in the U.S. The band did have two more hit singles in Britain, though, and these were Sun Street (#22 in 1986) and Love Shine a Light (#3 in 1997 and also won the Eurovision Song Contest).

After the band failed to follow-up their Eurovision winner with any further hits, Katrina left the band in 1998. The band tried and failed several times to replace Katrina, and disbanded in 1999.

Walking On Sunshine remains a big royalty earner for the band due to its usage in adverts and lots of airplay. Some sources suggest that the band have raked in around $1 million per year in recent years.

In 2010, the band celebrated the 25th anniversary of the song by releasing a re-recorded version of the song/ a number of back catalogue re-issues were also released.

During July 2013, Katrina performed with The Waves at the Spanish San Fermin Festival for the penultimate gig of the season on Plaza Del Castillo.

Walking On Sunshine video screenshot

"SUN STREET" (1986)

This upbeat tune was the band's only other hit of the 80s in the UK, reaching #22. The song was lifted from the album Waves, which was not highly successful, peaking at #70, although in the U.S. faired better by reaching #49.
Katrina and the Waves - Sun Street - vinyl picture disc 7 inch