The video clip above features Kelly Marie performing "Feels Like I'm in Love" on BBC Top of the Pops in 1980.

Although disco music is usually associated with the 70s, it was still popular into the early 80s. This 80s disco track by Scottish singer Kelly Marie made No.1 for 2 weeks in the UK from 13th September 1980. However, the songs original release in August 1979 failed to chart.

Feels Like I'm In Love was actually written in 1977 by Ray Dorset, with the aim of asking Elvis Presley to sing it, although it is not known whether it was pitched to Elvis before his death. Still, the song did give Kelly Marie her first chart hit after numerous releases, and two more hits were to follow; Loving Just for Fun (re-release) which reached #21 in November 1980 and Hot Love which peaked at #22 in 1981.