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Kim Wilde had a hugely successful pop music career throughout the 80s and into the early nineties. Her first single "Kids In America" shot to No.2 and was taken from the singer's self-titled debut album.

Many hit albums and singles were to follow right up until 1995. In 1998 Kim decided it was time to pursue another career as a TV gardener. Thankfully, she carried on performing, though, and manages to juggle between both careers! 

80s Singles Discography

Kids In America  #2 (1981)
Chequered Love  #4 (1981)
Water On Glass  #11 (1981)
Cambodia  #12 (1981)
View From A Bridge  #16 (1982)
Child Come Away  #45 (1982)
Love Blonde  #23 (1983)
Dancing In The Dark   #67 (1983)
House Of Salome (Non UK Release 1984)
The Second Time  #29 (1984)
The Touch  #56 (1984)
Rage To Love  #19 (1985)
Schoolgirl  (Europe & Australia Only 1986)
You Keep Me Hangin' On  #2 1986
Another Step (Closer To You)  #6 1987
Say You Really Want Me  #29 1987
Hey Mister Heartache  #31 (1988)
You Came #3 (1988)
Never Trust A Stranger  #7 (1988)
Four Letter Word  #6 (1988)
Love In The Natural Way  #32 (1989)

Chart positions are for the UK Singles Chart

Studio Albums

Kim Wilde  (1981)
Select  (1982)
Catch As Catch Can  (1983)
Teases & Dares  (1984)
Another Step  (1986)
Close  (1988)
Love Moves  (1990)
Love Is  (1992)
Now & Forever  (1995)
Never Say Never  (2006)
Come Out And Play  (2010)
Snapshots  (2011)
Wilde Winter Songbook  (2013)


Kids In America was Kim's debut single and peaked at number 2 in the UK singles chart. The following year it became a Top 30 hit in the US. The track appeared on her self-titled debut album which was released during the summer of 1981 - she went on to become the biggest-selling British female solo artist of the 80s!

The song was recorded in 1980 after the boss of RAK Records, Mickie Most, heard Kim singing on a backing track for her brother Ricky.
Ricky Wilde and his Father Marty Wilde (a 50's and 60's rock and roll star) wrote the song "Kids in America" for Kim Wilde to record.


Water On Glass was the third single release from Kim's self-titled debut album and reached #11 in the UK singles chart, although the album version is slightly different.

There can't be many songs out there which are about tinnitus, but that's exactly what the lyrics are referring to in Water On Glass. By the way, tinnitus is a medical condition that causes ringing in the ears and is often caused by listening to music with the volume up too loudly - so turn your speakers down!

The previous two singles Kids In America and Chequered Love had both reached the Top 5. Overall, Kim Wilde released 21 singles during the 1980's, two of which were not released in the UK and three of them failing to break into the Top 40.

Kim Wilde - Select (LP sleeve from 1982)

"SELECT" (1982)

The second album was released in November 1981 and featured a more electronic sound that the debut album. However, the songs were still written by Kim's Dad Marty and Brother Ricky. Despite many positive reviews, not all of the critics were in total praise of the LP, with some stating that it was "too stylised" and "dull". Yes, I'm sure these critics have the talent to produce a chart-topping album.
Kim Wilde - Teases & Dares (1984) LP sleeve

"TEASES & DARES" (1984)

The fourth album was released on new label MCA (the previous three albums were released on the RAK Records label. Released 5th November 1984. Kim also had an image change as you can see on the album sleeve, dropping her "girl next door" image for a more sexy sci-fi look. However, Kim was less than happy with the use of this image by MCA on the album sleeve and quickly returned to a fashion style she was more comfortable with.
Rage To Love (1985) single sleeve - Kim Wilde

"RAGE TO LOVE" (1985)

The final single to be released from Kim's fourth studio album Teases & Dares reached #19 in the UK. Produced by Kim's brother Ricky, the single was shorter than the 4:21 album version and was edited down to 3:50 to make it more radio friendly. The B-side featured a cover of The Shirelles song Putty In Your Hands which was the 6th track on Side Two of the LP Baby It's You. How I miss the days of turning an LP over to play the other side! 
KIm Wilde - Another Step (1986 album sleeve)
Schoolgirl - single by Kim Wilde in 1986
In Australia and some European countries, Schoolgirl was released as the lead single from Kim's fifth album Another Step. It was never released in the UK.
Say You Really Want Me (1986 single) by Kim Wilde


This song was the first to be released as a single (in the US and Canada) from the album Another Step. It was released as the third single in the UK and fourth in Australia in August 1987. The song also featured on the soundtrack album to the 1986 action comedy film Running Scared. The album also included Sweet Freedom by Michael McDonald, I Know What I Want by Patti LaBelle and Man Size Love by girl group Klymaxx.
Running Scared - 1986 Movie soundtrack album
Kim Wilde You Keep Me Hangin' On 12


This was the first single to be released from Kim Wilde's fifth studio album Another Step and reached #2 in the UK during 1986. However, for some European countries and in Australia, the first single was Schoolgirl which was not released in the UK.

Kim's version of You Keep Me Hangin' On was a U.S. number one and a UK #2 in 1986.  In 1996, country singer Reba McEntire covered the song, reaching #2 in the Amercian Hot Dance Club Palay chart. The tune was originally recorded by The Supremes on the Motown label and was a U.S. #1 chart-topper in November 1966 for two weeks.

"YOU CAME" (1988)

This was the second single from the album Close and reached No.3 in the UK singles chart. 1988 proved to be one of Wilde's most successful years with other hits including Never Trust a Stranger and Four Letter Word.

Love In The Natural Way (1989 single) - Kim Wilde


THis track was Kim Wilde's seventeenth and final Top 40 hit of the eighties. Reaching #32 in March 1989, it was also the fifth and final single from the best-selling album Close.

The four previous hit songs from the album were (in release order); Hey Mister Heartache (#31), You Came (#3), Never Trust A Stranger (#7) and Four Letter Word (#6).

Sadly, the hits became more erratic after this, and the British singer's career was somewhat less successful during the 90s.


This is a cover version of Tasmin Archer's 1992 debut single from 1992 which reached No.1 in the UK. Kim's version was released as a double-A side, along with a cover of East 17's No.3 hit from 1993 entitled It's Alright - the video is below. Both tracks featured on Kim Wilde's covers album Snapshots which was released in 2011.

Although she is still having success with hit albums in Germany and Switzerland, in the majority of countries Kim Wilde hasn't really had a hit single since 2006, when a remixed version of You Came charted across Europe, although it wasn't a hit here in the UK.