This video features the original and official version of The Neverending Story. So, who watched Limahl surviving a night in a rat and bug infested room in the Australian jungle? He was accompanied by the jovial chef, Rosemary Shrager, during the 2012 series of I'm A Celebrity get Me Out Of Here.

Limahl's first solo hit was in 1983 with Only For Love which reached #16. However, it was the follow-up single featured here which gave him his biggest and best-known hit which reached #4 in the UK, and also became an American hit, peaking at #17.

The song was composed by the electronic music producer Giorgio Moroder, and features one of his legendary arpeggios. Although it was included on Limahl's debut solo album Don't Suppose, the album was not particularly successful, stalling at #63 in the UK charts. Follow-up singles also failed to break into the British Top 40.

The British singer's biggest success was, of course, with the band Kajagoogoo who had a string of hits during 1983, the biggest being Too Shy, which topped the UK charts and was a top five hit in numerous European countries and also in the U.S.
Limahl - The NeverEnding Story
Limahl - Look-In magazine back cover from 1984