List of 1980s TV Shows

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Remember when there was always something half decent to watch on TV? These days, there are hundreds of channels churning out a whole lot of rubbish. However, with less than a handful of TV channels, back in the 80s we seemed to be spoilt for choice. For many of us who grew up in the 70s and 80s, these were the golden days of TV. Comedies were actually funny, movies were entertaining and Saturday mornings were pure bliss.  


Razzmatazz ITV Logo Ident
Who remembers laughing out loud at Laurel and Hardy during the school holidays?
BBC Childrens TV preview listing from early 80s


Pye TV set displaying ITV Oracle

ITV Oracle being displayed on a Pye TV set.


"Keep out of the black and in the red, you get nothing in this game for two in a bed!".




TV Tops magazine Jan 1983 ft. The Krankies



Radio Times Nov 1984 ft. The Queen Mother


"You make it neat wheat, mate!"
"For Mash Get Smash"
English Cheddar Cheese 80s TV Advert
English Cheddar Cheese 80s Advert
Richard Baker reading the news on BBC1 for the final time on 31st Dec 1982
Richard Baker - BBC News
Richard Baker BBC News April 1981
Richard Baker reading the BBC News in April 1981.



Kieran Prendiville on Tomorrow's World in 1982


Bill Giles BBC Weatherman
BBC Mid-Day News titles 1979

BBC Mid-Day News titles from 1979

ITN News at 5:45 with Leaonard Parkin (1980s)
ITN News at 5:45 used to air after the kids TV programmes had finished.
ITN News at Ten 1984 - Titles, Trevor McDonald and Alistair Burnet
ITN News in 1984 ft. Trevor McDonald and Alistair Burnet
Television Magazine Feb 1979


Mitsubishi Blue Diamond blue screen television advert


Zenith Solid State Television (1970s)

Zenith Solid State Television from the 1970s 

TV Times Feb 1988 ft. Gail and Brian Tilsley from Coronation Street


TV Times Aug 1984 ft. Matthew Kelly and Henry Kellt

Matthew and Henry Kelly - Aug 1984