Look-In Magazine 1982

Look-In was marketed as the Junior TV Times, and in 1982 featured many comic strips relating to the U.S. and British TV shows of the time. Strips included The Fall Guy, CHiPs, Worzel Gummidge, Rock on Tommy with Cannon & Ball, Magnum P.I. and Danger Mouse. The price in this year was 18p to 20p per issue.
A new flatter logo was introduced in Issue No 38 in September 1981, replacing the 3D logo which was used during the 1970s. This logo was used throughout 1982.
Graham McPherson (Suggs) poster from Look-In No.46 13 Nov 1982.
Many posters of pop stars and bands also appeared in the magazine during 1982, including this one of Suggs which featured on issue No.46 - week ending 13 Nov 1982.
Look In magazine (16 Jan 1982) ft. Bad Manners

Look-In magazine No.5 week ending 16 Jan 1982 featuring Bad Manners.

Torvill and Dean Poster from Look-In (20 Feb 1982)

Torvill and Dean poster from Look-In Number 8 - 20 Feb 1982

Look-In (6 Mar 1982) ft. Danger Mouse, Dollar.

Issue No 10 (6 March 1982) featuring Danger Mouse and Penfold, Dollar interview and centre pin-up poster.

Look-In number 17 (24 April 1982) ft. Clare Grogan from Altered Images, The Fall Guy Part 1

Look-in (17 July 1982) ft. Adam Ant

Look-In Number 29 (17 July 1982) featuring Adam Ant.

Look-In 4th September 1982 (number 36) Tight Fit

Tight Fit appear on the front cover of issue number 36 (4 September 1982). Their single "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" reached No.1 in the UK on 6th March 1982.

Look In magazine (13 November 1982) ft. Toyah, Kevin Keegan.

Look-In Number 46 (13 Nov 1982) featuring pop star Toyah Willcox and footballer Kevin Keegan

Look-In 11 Dec 1982 ft. Musical Youth

Reggae Pop band Musical Youth appeared on the front cover of Issue 50 of Look-In week ending December 11 1982.