By Mark Nobes

Firstly, apologies for the sound quality of the video not being perfect, but this is the official video for True Blue!

The Motown-style song featured a retro 50s vibe, and was released as the third single from Madonna's third album, and was also the title track. It topped the UK and Canadian charts, and also reached No.3 in America, and was written and produced by Madonna and Stephen Bray. 
The single entered the UK singles chart at No.3 in 28th September 1986, reaching No.1 the following week on 5th October. The song fell back to No.2 for two weeks - Nick Berry claimed the No.1 spot with the atrocious "Every Loser Wins". 
Although it is mainly created using synths, the track features a nice rhythm guitar if you listen closely. I do remember the track receiving quite mixed reviews, but there was plenty of positive criticism, too.

True Blue was one of two Madonna albums that I bought in the 80s. It featured a collection of solid, catchy pop songs with quite different musical styles. All five singles from the album reached the Top five in both America and Britain. The other singles were; "Live To Tell", "Papa Don't Preach", "Open Your Heart" and my favourite track "La Isla Bonita".


The U.S. 12" vinyl release was a four track maxi single including three versions of "True Blue"; The Color Mix (6:37), Instrumental (6:56), Remix/Edit (4:22), plus the non-LP track "Ain't No Big Deal" (4:12).
The UK release included just two tracks; Extended Dance Version (6:37) on the A-side and "Holiday" (Full length Version) (6:08) ojn the B-side.


With its predictably blue background, the video features Madonna with a 1950s style, bleached blonde bouffant hairstyle, and three rock 'n' roll styled female backing dancers/singers. As well as performing their dance routine, they can also be seen in the back of a 1957 Ford Thunderbird open-top car.

This was an era when pop music was at its best, with good old-fashioned solid song-writing, and the Top 40 being full of strong tunes, rather than the sanitized nonsense you hear in the charts today. Okay, maybe I'm getting old and sounding like my parents, but I'm still very glad that I was young when I was - the 80s were awesome!

Madonna True Blue cassette album
True Blue video screenshot thumbnail

The B-side of the 7" vinyl featured the track "Ain't No Big Deal"

Video still from True Blue ft. Madonna and open top car with three dancing girls