Now, this is a real retro treat! As if Breakout wasn't good enough already, this free Mario version features sound effects and objects from the Mario games, and is actually one of the best Breakout style games I've seen.

You can select from three options to play as - Mario, Luigi or Goomba. To play the game click over it with your mouse and then use your arrow keys to move your paddle. Press the spacebar when you want to launch the ball.

There are many extras to grab along the way, including a bigger paddle and the ablility to fire at the bricks. The game is devilishly tricky to play and you will really need to keep your eye on the ball as brick debris and other bonus objects come hurtling towards you.

Overall, this is a very fast-paced brick and paddle game and a real treat for fans of both Mario and the classic Breakout, a game that was originally released by Atari way back in 1976.

Did you know that the arcade version used a mono monitor, and the colours were created by using cellophane taped onto it - how sophisticated is that!
Free Mario Breakout Game