MEMORIES OF AN '80S KID (1980-1982)

Kindle book review by Mark Nobes.

I've been meaning to review this book for quite some time, and although it's been out for a good many years, when the subject matter is nostalgia, the information remains timeless, of course.
Memories of an '80s Kid (1980-1982) is penned by a British female author, and will enable you to take a nostalgic trip back to the start of the great decade through the eyes of a then 8-10 year old living in the UK. L. Gilpin was born in 1972 (4 years later than myself), and these are real, personal memories that should, hopefully, also rekindle many fond memories for you, too.
Okay, so it isn't brilliantly worded or penned by a professional author, and the paragraphs are way too long. But there is something very heart-warming and refreshing about the quite raw style of writing, which feels like the author is randomly off-loading her memories and converting them into the written word. Indeed, it feels rather like she is talking to you, which I really like. The problem with many authors is that they spend too much time trying to be clever, using unnecessarily long words (like unnecessarily!) that can alienate some readers. 
Throughout these memoirs, the author refers to many 80s chart-toppers, and if you're like me, then you can probably place a memory to almost any song from the decade, particularly if it reached No.1. There is a lot here that I can certainly relate to; the MOD revival scene, the local disco, youth club, summer holidays, snowy winters, awesome kids TV shows (such as Worzel Gummidge) and playing vinyl on my record player.
However, at times it reads rather like a personal family memoir, and a little more chronological order would be nice - it's more like a collection of random blog posts, rather than a proper book.
Nonetheless, it's still a pleasant enough read, although it's a great shame that the book is rather short, but it's well worth the very low asking price. The style of writing is ideal for a quick and easy read when you have an evening to spare, without taxing your brain too much.

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Book Details

Title: Memories of an 80s Kid (1980-1982)

Author: L. Gilpin

Publication Date: January 2014

Formats: Kindle edition

Length: 31 pages

Publisher: Independent