by Mark Nobes, chief editor

I completely missed this top quality one hit wonder back in the 80s, but after recently listening to it for what seems like the first time, this kind of sophisticated, Jazz/funk music would have been too much for my undeveloped brain to take in back then! 

Garden Party was an instrumental and I adore this style of music. Sadly, not many instrumental pieces ever make it into the charts, but when they do they're usually awesome. 

Mezzoforte are an Icelandic band who are still performing today, albeit with a different line-up. The band released just one hit album in the UK during 1982. Entitled Surprise, Surprise, it reached #23 in the album charts and also included the track Garden Party which reached #17 in 1983. However, the follow-up single Rockall only managed a lowly #75.

Garden Party 12
The band were formed in 1977 by teenagers Eythor Gunnarsson (keyboards), Johann Asmundsson (bass), Gulli Briem on drums and Frissi Karlsson on guitar, who were just 15 and 16 years old.
The young and enthusiastic quartet were signed up by the Steinar HF record label in 1979, after being spotted by the company's recording executive Steinar Berg.
In 2012, the band released the 9 track album Islands. The band's line-up for the album consisted of Johann Asmundsson on bass, Eythor Gunnarsson on keyboards, Gulli Briem on drums, Oskar Gudjonsson on saxophone, Bruno Mueller on guitars, Sebastian Studnitzky on trumpet and Matthias Hemstock and Rhani Krija on percussion.
Surprise Surprise (1982) vinyl LP by Mezzoforte