"Farewell My Summer Love" was the title track from the compilation album of the same name, and reached #7 in the UK during the early summer of 1984, and #38 in the U.S.

The album itself featured nine songs that were originally recorded in 1973 but previously unreleased. All of the songs were updated and remixed by Motown for the album's release in 1984. The album achieved Platinum sales in the UK, but was moderately successful globally - it sold around three million copies Worldwide - and peaked at #9 in the UK album charts, and #46 in the U.S.

Michael Jackson's second final single release from the album in the UK was "Girl You're So Together" (with "Touch The One You Love" as the B-side) which peaked at #33. In the U.S. it was the other way around, "Touch The One You Love" was released as a single with "Girl You're So Together" as the B-side, but it failed to chart.

Personally, the song brings back a lot of memories from my final year in School, so it always makes me feel a bit melancholic. I suppose my summer love was not just one person, but all of my friends at school, many of whom I've never seen since :(

Michael Jackson - Farewell My Summer Love
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