Miffy Stays Puft - Artwork © Christopher Tupa

Artwork © copyright Christopher Tupa


If you grew-up during the 1980s, then you may well have received one of the many Miffy picture books, or, at least, have watched the TV series Dick Bruna's Miffy Storybook Classics, which was shown on ITV during the 80s and 90s, starting in 1984.
The very first Miffy book was actually produced in 1955, and was simply entitled Miffy, and this was followed by Miffy at the Zoo, which was released in the same year. Created by the Dutch artist Dick Bruna for his one-year-old son, the first story was based upon a rabbit they had seen in the sand dunes while on Holiday. However, the original character looked quite different, and was based on a toy which had floppy ears. 
The new-look Miffy was first seen in 1963, with the re-release of the two original books by Methuen & Co LtdOver 30 books have been released in 50 different languages, selling around 85 million copies worldwide.
Miffy saw a surge in popularity in the noughties with the launch of a new stop-motion animated series Miffy and Friends, which originally aired from 2003 to 2007. The release of Miffy The Movie in 2017 gave another boost to the character's popularity. 
Before I reveal a list of all the Miffy books released in the English language (with links to Amazon.co.uk, should you wish to purchase any of them), we would like to have some fun by showing you these very amusing (and amazing!) 80s themed book covers, which have been kindly created for us by Christopher Tupa © copyright. Check out his awesome work here:

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Miffy Goes Back in Time © Copyright Christopher Tupa

Miffy Goes Back in Time (Back to the Future)

Miffy Rules The Maze © Christopher Tupa

Miffy Rules the Maze (Labyrinth)

Miffy Doesn't Sweep The Leg © Christopher Tupa

Miffy Doesn't Sweep The Leg (The Karate Kid)

Miffy on Endor © Christopher Tupa

Miffy on Endor (Return of the Jedi)


Every Miffy Book from 1963 to the present day...

Miffy Original Book

Miffy (1963)

Miffy At The Zoo

Miffy at the Zoo (1963)

Miffy in the Snow

Miffy in the Snow (1963)

Miffy at the Seaside

Miffy at the Seaside (1963)

Miffy Goes Flying

Miffy Goes Flying (1970)

Miffy's Birthday

Miffy's Birthday (1970)

Miffy at the Playground

Miffy at the Playground (1975)

Miffy in the Hospital

Miffy in the Hospital (1975)

Miffy's Dream (1979)

Miffy's Bicycle

Miffy's Bicycle (1982)

Miffy at School

Miffy at School (1984)

Miffy Goes To Stay

Miffy Goes To Stay (1988)

Grandpa and Grandma Bunny - Dick Bruna

Grandpa and Grandma Bunny (1988)

Miffy is Crying

Miffy is Crying (1990)

Miffy's House

Miffy's House (1990)

Aunty Alice's Party

Aunty Alice's Party (1991)

Miffy in the Tent (1991)

Miffy in the Tent (1991)

Miffy at the Gallery

Miffy at the Gallery (1996)

Miffy and Melanie

Miffy and Melanie (1997)

Miffy the Ghost

Miffy the Ghost (1999)

Miffy the Fairy (1999)

Miffy the Fairy (1999)

Miffy Dances

Miffy Dances (2001)

Miffy's Letter

Miffy's Letter (2002)

Miffy and the New Baby

Miffy and the New Baby (2002)

Miffy's Garden (2003)

Miffy's Garden (2003)

Miffy Loves New York City (2005)

Queen Miffy

Queen Miffy (2006)

Miffy the Artist

Miffy the Artist (2007)

Miffy The Artist - Lift the Flap Book

Miffy the Artist (Lift the flap book)

Miff the Artist Activity Book

Miffy the Artist Activity Book

Miffy on Holiday

Miffy on Holiday (2014)

Miffy in The Netherlands (2014)

Miffy and the Royal Baby - A Lift Flap Book

MIffy and the Royal Baby - lift the flap book (2015)

Miffy is Naughty

Miffy is Naughty (2017)

Hide and Seek Miffy

Hide and Seek, Miffy! (2017)

Dear Grandma Bunny

Dear Grandma Bunny (2018)