The second solo single from Morrissey was the last to be released from his debut album Viva Hate, and peaked at #9 in the UK singles chart. It as the follow-up to Suedehead which had reached #5 during February 1988. Morrissey had a big following in Ireland in the 80s and into the 90s, where the single reached #3 - it was one of 11 singles to break into the top ten here. 

Two of the 12" single's three B-sides - Disappointed and Will Never Marry - were later included on the 1990 compilation album Bona Drag. 

The video is set in the seaside town "they forgot to bomb" which is Southend-On-Sea. Despite its depressing imagery, you get to see an interesting glimpse of 80s cars and fashion styles that have since long gone. The focus is on a young lady wandering around the town like a lost soul, and we don't see Morrissey until the end of the video when he is viewed through a telescope by the girl. Just before this, we see Charles Hawtrey in Carry On Abroad on the girl's TV set. 

Sister I'm a Poet was not included, but did feature on later compilation albums. A live version was included on the 1993 live album Beethoven Was Deaf. 

12", vinyl and cassette single tracks

1. Everyday is Like Sunday

2. Sister I'm a Poet

3. Disappointed

4. Never Will Marry

A reissue of Everyday Is Like Sunday was released in 2010 as two 7" vinyl singles and a CD single.

2010 7" remastered single with B-side "Trash" (Live at Pacific Amphitheatre , Costa Mesa , CA, 1991)

Vinyl 7" (1988)single (POP1619)


Morrissey performing
Morrissey Low in High School