I always used to look forward to watching the Mr. Men back in the 70s. The narration and character voices by Arthur Lowe (Captain Mainwaring in Dad's Army) were just brilliant. There were 28 episodes in all, but I also used to enjoy reading the books by Roger Hargreaves.

This pinball game features really realistic graphics and has a retro Mr. Bump theme. So, if you love playing pinball and also love the Mr. Men then you'll be in retro heaven playing this game! It's very easy to get into...

Instructions: Launch your ball using the down arrow key and then use the left and right arrows to control the flippers. Oh, the sound effects are excellent, by the way - enjoy!

Mr Bump Book by Roger Hargreaves
The accident prone Mr. Bump featured in the sixth book by Roger Hargreaves. In the story, he finds a job bumping into trees in an apple orchard to make the apples fall off the trees!