Mr T Fancy Dress Costumes

By Mark Nobes

For this post, I have hand-picked the best-rated and best-priced Mr T. Costumes from leading suppliers. There are many costumes that over overpriced (some are £100+) or have received many negative customer reviews - these are NOT included.

Mr T Fancy Dress Costume

The memorable character played by Mr. T in the 80s TV series The A-Team was, of course, B. A. Baracus, although almost everyone just refers to the actor's name Mr. T. To confuse matters even more his real name is Laurence Turead. For this blog post I'm just going to use the name Mr. T or it's going to get mighty confusing around here!

The Mr. T costumes are ideal for retro, 80s or TV and film themed parties, and there are three main types available - mercenary (above), military and second skin, as well as wigs and accessories. I've linked to the whole range available at under the photo above, and there are plenty of suppliers selling on the site, so the prices are competitive. However, I'll also be discussing some more cost-effective options further down this page, so read on...

The mercenary costume (above) includes a muscle top, fake gold chains (obviously, you're not going to receive real gold chains), blue dungarees and a latex headpiece - everything you need to look the part. The supplier offering the best prices was Smiffy's (a leading fancy dress supplier) and the costume is available in small, medium and large.

Mr T Military Costume

This licensed Mr T Premium Outfit includes a camouflage style muscle top with attached chains and belt, army green trousers and a two-piece mask adult. It looks really authentic and Smiffy's were providing the best price yet again in sizes 38" to 48" chest.

Mr T Second Skin Fancy Dress Costume Mr. T Second Skin Costume

Another option is this second skin costume. These are all the rage at the moment and this one includes a useful bumbag, concealed fly and under chin opening. Prices range from £29.09 to £50.99 for the same costume, so I've linked to all of the suppliers (under the picture above) so you can obtain the very best price.

Mr. T Accessories

If your budget doesn't stretch to a full costume, you'll be pleased to know that a number of cost-effective accesories are available to buy - see below.

All Mr T Costumes

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I also recommend visiting ebay where you will find a wide range of B A Baracus costumes and accessories from top costume suppliers. The prices are extremely competitive, too.