MY LITTLE PONY COSTUMES and Accessories for Women

If you're looking for n quirky costume idea for an 80s party or event, then a My Little Pony theme is an idea you may not have thought of.
The original toy was actually called My Pretty Pony, which was launched by Hasbro in 1981. However, the first generation of toys labelled as My Little Pony were released a year later and included earth, pegasus, unicorn, flutter and sea ponies. These were followed by many other variations including Rainbow, So-soft and Twinkle-eyed ponies.
The franchise became so popular that a TV series was also launched in 1986. By 1995 (1992 in the U.S.) the fad was all over. However, a fourth generation of My Little Pony toys and a TV series was launched in 2010, and there has been a massive resurgence in the popularity of the brand since then. is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program and ebay Partner Network, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for trustedwesbites to earn fees by linking to products at, and ebay.

If you're on a tight budget then this first mini dress costume may be of interest. It's the cheapest outfit available with a My Little Pony theme. It's subtle, but effective, and ideal for festivals and the warmer months.
Now this costume is very 1980s with it's rainbow and unicorn theme. If found it at ebay UK and US stores. The links lead to the full range of costumes available, and the prices on ebay are among the cheapest I've seen. Please note that this is a new, "buy it now" costume, and you don't have to bid for it.

Create your own My Little Pony Costume

It's relatively easy to create your own, unique costume, and you could start with this official 1980s logo T-shirt which is available in three sizes. Sadly, it's not available in the U.S., but you may like this alternative.

Bizarrely, this tee is only available for men. However, you can search more tees using the links below;

Search for My Little Pony Womens T-shirts at;

80s Tees (US based with Worldwide shipping)

The best range of shirts for women with an 80s theme is at 80s Tees, and the prices are very competitive, too.

Add accessories to your shirt such as rainbow socks, tutu/petticoat skirt, leggings etc. Turquoise and pink are ideal colours. Add leg warmers for a more 1980s feel.

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