By Mark Nobes, chief editor

Nik Kershaw achieved success with eight top 30 hit singles during the 80s. In 1984, the singer/ songwriter spent no less than 50 weeks in the singles charts.

Produced by Peter Collins, The Riddle was Kershaw's 5th hit single and peaked at #3 in the UK. It was the title track from his second album which reached #8 in the UK album charts.

A live version of "Progress" (3:02) was included on the B-side on the 7", 12" and as the third track on the A-side of the cassette single. The latter included five tracks, with an interview as the second track on the A-side. The B-side featured extended mixes of "I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" and "Wouldn't It Be Good".

What were those lyrics about? Well, according to Nik Kershaw himself they were "nonsense, rubbish, b*ll*cks, and the confused ramblings of an 80s popstar". Okay, so he certainly made that clear!

The Riddle 7 inch vinyl sleeve MCA NIK 6 - Nick Kershaw

The Video

The video has an Alice in Wonderland theme and Nik (who is dressed in a black polo neck jumper with bracers) has to make his way around a very weird house which has lips singing through holes in the wall and rats walking all over some French Fancies and Cherry Bakewells - Mr. Kipling will not be pleased! At one point, Nik chases after Alice, who disappears through a small doorway, which is locked when the singer tries to open it.
A guy dressed as The Riddler from Batman makes several appearances in the video, and we also see Tweedledum and Tweedledee.
The video ends by revealing that the house is shaped like a question mark and is in miniature size. The Riddler picks it up and runs off with it.

Did you Know?

Nik Kershaw was born in Bristol and also penned the #1 hit single "The One And Only" for Chesney Hawkes in 1991, which also appeared on the soundtrack to the British film Buddy's Song, and also in the movie Doc Hollywood

Kershaw also played electric guitar on Elton John's hit single Nikita in 1985.

The Riddle vinyl sleeve rear - Nik Kershaw NIK 6

7" vinyl sleeve rear