"BARK AT THE MOON" (Live in 1984)

by Mark Nobes, chief editor

The perfect Halloween track, "Bark At The Moon" was the title track from Ozzy Osbourne's third studio album (released Nov 15th 1983) and reached#21 in the UK, but stalled at #109 in the U.S. However, the album charted higher in the U.S. reaching #19 and gaining 3x Platinum sales, where as it reached #24 in the UK reaching Silver status.

Since 1980, Ozzy Osbourne has released 10 solo studio albums and 33 singles. His last single to chart in the UK was the cringeworthy Changes, a duet with his daughter Kelly which topped the charts in 2003.

Bark At The Moon - Ozzy Osbourne

7" vinyl single


The video is based around the classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story, with Ozzy as a scientist who drinks a potion and transforms into a werewolf. His make-up was and aesthetics were created by Rick Baker, who also worked on Michael jackson's "Thriller" video and the 80s horror film An American Werewolf in London.
The drummer in the video is Carmine Appice, but the drummer who actually played on the song is Tommy Aldridge.


Despite the fact that the lyrics were attributed exclusively to Osbourne, "Bark at the Moon" was co-composed with guitarist Jake E. Lee and bassist/lyricist Bob Daisley. Lee states that he was threatened with contract termination by Osbourne's better half and chief Sharon, in the event that he declined to sign a 1983 contract expressing that he would surrender his claims to composing and publishing. In 2003, Daisley documented a claim against the Osbournes, asserting lost sovereignties for his huge songwriting commitments.
Bark At The Moon Album by Ozzy Osbourne

Album sleeve front