Best Pac-Man Lamps / Lights

By Mark Nobes

Pay homage to one of the most iconic video game characters of not only the 1980s, but of all time. On this page, I have put together my hand-picked selection of the best Pac-Man lights (official and unofficial), allowing you to light up your life and celebrate the video game.

Paladone Official Pac-Man Mini Lamp


This is the official Paladone Pac-Man Mini Lamp (please note this is the latest version without the black base), which features a pixelated design and also plays official sounds from the original 80s arcade game. It's the ideal gift for old school retro gamers (like myself) who want to light-up their mancave with something quirky, or for fans of any age who into collecting cool, geeky gaming items.
You can still buy the older style Pac-Man lamp with a black base on Amazon for a cheaper price.
There are currently two official listings for this item, the older, cheaper model featuring a black base, and the newer baseless model which is more expensive, but looks a lot cooler, I think.

Paladone Pac-Man and Ghosts Novelty Light - Lamp


This Pac-man and Ghosts light looks awesome in the dark, and is a very popular choice through this site. It features Blinky, Clyde and Inky, and the main character himself, of course - I guess, also including Pinky would have made the lamp too long. It can be powered by USB or batteries, and the customer feedback is very positive, which is why I'm very happy to feature the lamp on this page.

Paladone Blinky Icon Light - Red Ghost


The Paladone Blinky Icon Light is the best value of all the lights, and a worthy addition to a Pac-Man merchandise collection. It's USB powered and comes in a nice gift box, too. 

Paladone Pac-Man Ghost Light (Official) with 16 colour changes.


This is the Official Pac-Man Ghost Lamp and it is available directly from Paladone's store on Amazon. It runs throught a cycle of 16 colour changes. However, here's the cool part, if you switch to "party mode" the light really starts to perform and will change colours in time to music. You can also adjust the sensitivity to fine tune the light show. The light comes with a micro USB cable, too.

3D Pac-Man Round Lamp by Firebox


I really like the design of this 3D Pac-Man LED lamp by Firebox. It features adjustable brightness and 12 sound effects from the game with remote control. The sounds can be turned off, thankfully, and it can be powered by batteries or the mains.

Pac-Man Lamp Shade, Round


I found this awesome Pac-Man lampshade being sold on the Home Decor by Katie store on Etsy, and it comes in a big choice of sizes from 15cm to 75cm. It comes as a table or ceiling lampshade and is receiving high praise from customers. This would be ideal for a child's bedroom or for anyone into old school, 80s gaming.

Official Pac-Man Ghost Mini LampPac-Man Ghost Lamp - Colour Changes


Here we have another official design in the form of this cute mini Pac-Man ghost lamp. Kids will just love this one in their bedroom, and there are lots of functions available, including an impressive 16 colour changes with flash, strobe, fade and smooth, and also a dimmer. Licensed from Bandai Namco, it comes with a remote control and is mains powered.

3D Neon Pink Pac-Man Ghost Lamp


This unique, neon pink Pac-man ghost lamp can be bought on Etsy as I write, but this looks like limited stock so you'd better act fast if you want one.

Hand Embroidered Pac-Man Maze Light


Last, but certainly not least, If you're after something really unique and handmade, then you'll love this hand embroidered Pac-Man maze lamp being sold by NUMBERiart on Etsy. The surround is made from biodegradable plastic and the item comes in eco-friendly packaging.