Written by Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, DJ Culture was the first single to be released from Pet Shop Boys compilation album Discography: The Complete Singles Collection.

This was a period when Neil was wearing his hair down and the synthpop duo were experimenting with an updated, more sophisticated sound for the 90s, leaving their 80s pop well and truly behind them. However, the boys were also forgetting to add a decent hook to their songs, and I'm glad that they rediscovered these again with the singles Go West and Absolutely Fabulous.  

Released on October 14th 1991, DJ Culture reached #13 in the UK. The B-side of the 7 inch featured a track entitled Music For Boys, with the 12" including a third track Music For Boys Part 2. The CD single's third track was an extended mix of DJ Culture. A separate CD single was also released called the DJ Culturemix which featured a remix by The Grid, Music For Boys Part 3 and Overture To Performance, and this reached #40.

The 18 track Discography album was very successful, reaching #3 and achieving Platinum sales in Britain. The album also achieved 3x Platinum in Canada. One further single was released, Was It Worth It? reached #24 in the British Singles Chart.

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