Games Without Frontiers ties with Sledgehammer as Peter Gabriel's highest-charting song. It reached #4 in February 1980 in the UK (#48 in the US) and was lifted from his third self-titled solo album. It was the second Top 20 single for Gabriel as a solo artist. He was originally the lead singer for the band Genesis which he founded in 1967. However, following growing tensions within the group - including the decision to stay with his wife and newly-born sick daughter instead of touring and recording - he made the shock decision to leave the band in 1975, and was replaced by the band's drummer Phil Collins as lead vocalist. 

During a rollercoaster ride of a music career, Peter Gabriel achieved seven Top 40 singles between 1977 and 1986 (his last one being Big Time) and a couple more hits in the early 90's with Steam and the Secret World Live EP.

"STEAM" (1992)

Another inventive video was created for this track, which won a Grammy award. The song reached #10 in the UK and #32 in the U.S., and was also available on cassette single - remember those?
Peter Gabriel - Steam (single sleeve)