By Mark Nobes

"Easy Lover" by Philip Bailey and Phil Collins was a huge hit during 1985 in the UK, selling over a million copies and staying at No.1 for four weeks during March and April. The duo managed to keep Alison Moyet off the top spot for two weeks with "That Ole Devil Called Love", and then Frankie Goes To Hollywood for another two weeks (they were looking to claim a fourth consecutive number one) with their single "Welcome To The Pleasuredome".

Before this hit, Philip Bailey was most well-known for being in the band Earth, Wind & Fire, where he shared the vocal lead with the founder, Maurice White. "Easy Lover" featured on Bailey's solo studio album Chinese Wall, which was produced by Phil Collins.
With a running time of 4:54, it's actually quite a lengthy single, and the original album version is only slightly longer at 5:03.
"Easy Lover" was certainly one of the most danceable tracks of the decade, and no 80s party is complete without it, especially the Extended Re-Mixed Version.
Phil Collins and Philip Bailey on the rear sleeve of

Chart Performance

The somg became an instant hit, entering the UK singles chart at No.20 on 3rd March 1985, reaching No.2 the following week, with Dead Or Alive at No.1 with "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)". The song reached the top spot on 17th March.
It wasn't just the UK where the song became a chart topper. It also reached No.1 on both of Canada's main music charts, and also the Irish Singles Chart, the Dutch Top 40, and the US Cash Box Top 100.
"Easy Lover" reached No.2 on the Billboard Top 100 chart in the U.S. in December 1984, where it was released earlier. It also reached No.2 on the Dutch Single Top 100 chart and New Zealand's RIANZ charts. It was also a top 10 hit in many other countries.


The video doesn't take itself too seriously and is about the making of a music video, with the duo have a lot of fun together trying to perfect different dance moves. The start features the pair in a helicopter flying above London. The video won an MTV award in 1985 for "Best Overall Performance in a Video".

Who PLayed Guitars on "Easy Lover"?

American musician Daryl Stuermer plays lead and rhythm guitar on "Easy Lover". Fans of Genesis will recognise the name, as he also played in their live shows. He also played for Phil Collins on his solo tours and albums. As of 2023, he is still very much alive, although doesn't appear to have been very active since 2019, and has possibly retired.
Nathan East plays bass guitar, and he also played for Phil Collins between 1994 and 1997.


UK 7 Inch Vinyl - CBS/Virgin A 4915

A. "Easy Lover" - 4:54

B. "Woman" - 5:04

Both tracks featured on Philip Bailey's 1984album "Chinese Wall", and were produced by Phil Collins.

UK 12 Inch Vinyl - CBS/Virgin TA 4915

A. "Easy Lover" (Extended Re-mixed Version) - 6:18

B. "Woman" - 5:04

Easy Lover 7 inch vinyl sleeve front (UK A 4915) - Philip Bailey & Phil Collins

Whoever designed the front sleeve should be shot at dawn- it's ghastly!


The lyrics are pretty self-explanatory, and are about a female who plays around with men, reeling them in before breaking their heart and quickly moving on to the next lover. 
Philip Bailey & Phil Collins - Easy Lover (1984) vinyl single sleeve