Strawberry Switchblade wearing polka dots in the 80s


There were numerous striking fashion fads to come out of the 1980s, and polka dots came in just about every colour, which were sometimes worn all at once by the most daring stars of the day.

Princess Diana wore a chic, red and white polka dot outfit more than once during the mid eighties, and also wore a white skirt with red polka dots with matching socks and red shoes - very bold indeed - which had a strong 1950s influence. 

Scottish pop duo Strawberry Switchblade blended 1950s polka dot fashion with gothic and punk elements to create a uniquely 80s style with hair bows, ribbons, choker necklaces, lace tights and dark eyeliner. There are polka dots in just about every photo of the girls in the 80s. 

I even remember Prince wearing a contrasting blue and white outfit at his concerts during 1988. If I remember correctly, he wore a deep blue, long-sleeved shirt with white polka dots and a matching neckerchief, with white, high-waisted trousers with blue polka dots.

In 1990, Julia Roberts wore a stylish brown dress with white polka dots with a matching wide-brimmed hat with a polka dot band around it in the film Pretty Woman.

Polka dots are still being worn today, of course, with a whole host of celebs donning the timeless style.

Creating an 80s Look with Polka Dots

Madonna wearing polka dots in Who's That Girl
In the 1987 movie Who's That Girl? Madonna wore a white, polka dot tutu over black leggings with white polka dots. You can recreate a similar look using the items below.

You can enhance just about any 80s costume with some polka dot accessories, and they can be mixed with other popular styles such as neon or animal print - the 1980s was definitely a time for experimentation with clashing colours and patterns.

If you want to buy an original polka dot dress then Etsy usually has a nice range available.


This fiery wig with attached polka dot bow would be an excellent addition to an 80s costume, and you can enhance to look with a pair of wayfarers.
Whilst the majority of people will go for a neon look for an 80s party, why not add a touch of individualistic elegance with this stylish ruffle skirt?

More Dotty Ideas!


Pink Polka Dot Nails
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Polka Dots Ruffle Skirt