Predator Fancy Dress Costumes

"Get to da choppa!". The original 1987 Predator movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger still remains my favourite of the four releases, and this gave me an idea for an awesome outfit. A Predator costume would be a unique and awesome-looking choice for an 80s or Halloween fancy dress party.
Sadly, most suppliers are only selling The Predator costume based on the more recent movie. Thankfully, I found something based on the 80s movie, which you can see below...
Predator 1987 Fancy Dress Costume
I want to start with this budget-priced Space Hunter costume which is the cheapest I've seen online. This is the only one available that is based on the original movie. Included is a jumpsuit with mask and knee pads, but the spear and boot covers are not included. Nonetheless, the price is pretty good and if you're on a tight budget then it's ideal. 
There are two suppliers selling the costume on Amazon (as I write), and I have been unable to find any other supplier on the web selling this costume. Here are the latest prices...
Predator 80s Movie Mask
I also found this pretty awesome-looking Predator Mask. It's actually more expensive than the costume, but would look pretty awesome for Halloween! It's decribed as " high quality and comfortable and soft" by the supplier and comes in a presentation box, so you are getting something really decent for your money.
The Predator 2018 Costume for Adults
This Predator costume is based on the 2018 movie and comes in two sizes. It's rather more expensive than the 80s costume, but looks pretty stunning.