Bands such as The Ramones, The Sex Pistols and The Clash introduced us to their rebellious, anti-establishment song lyrics and hard-edged punk fashion styles in the mid 70s. This page features a range of punk outfit ideas for women to help you create the perfect anarchic look.

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Punk Anarchist Girl Fancy Dress Costume

Available in two sizes from 8 to 14. Includes the union jack top and tartan mini skirt. Add a punk wig, studded/spiked choker and ripped tights for a more complete look.

Tartan Punk Costume Kit for Women

This quick and easy costume set includes a tartan skirt with braces, and fingerless faux leather gloves.

Punk Accessories Set

This low-cost set is ideal for creating or adding to a punk costume. Includes a Pyramid Belt, Spiker Choker, Studded Bracelet & Studded Gloves.

Ladies Zombie Punk Costume (size 8-10)

Well, here's an unusual costume idea. This zombie punk dress could be used to create a fantastic Halloween punk look. Sadly, it's only available in a small size, and you will need to add a wig. But it's a great look, nonetheless. 


Stretchy Tartan Skinny Jeans
Stretch Skinny Jeans for Ladies

Available in sizes 6 to 20, these officially licensed, ladies skinny jeans have an authentic punk feel and are also ideal for casual wear.


Tartan Punk Trousers
Tartan Punk Bondage Jeans for Women

Plaid with a red tartan pattern became popular with punks during the 1970s, and was worn as an anti-establishment statement to the upper classes who particularly liked to wear Royal Stewart. Other styles of tartan also became popular. There is a huge choice of skinny jeans and bondage pants in different colours and styles for women, and the link below takes you to the full range provided by the many suppliers at Amazon.co.uk.
Tartan Leggings for Women
Tartan Leggings

Although not as authentic as the skinny jeans and bondage pants, leggings are much cheaper to buy (prices start at under £5) which makes them more ideal for fancy dress.


Tartan Skirts

From micro skirts to over the knee skirts, these are ideal for creating a punk style. Prices start at well under £10 and you'll be almost overwhelmed by the choice of colours and styles, from traditional to modern. Wear with shredded tights and a leather biker jacket for a classic punk style.



Skull And Roses Tank Top Dress

Features an intricate design and made in England! Available in four sizes up to 22.


Union Jack T-Shirts

A wide range of British flag T-shirts are available for both men and women. Choose a faded/vintage style (as shown) to use as part of a punk outfit.
3 Row Studded Pyramids Leather Belt
Classic style punk rock belt with chrome finish. 
PU Leather Punk Biker Jacket for Women

Women's Slim Fit PU Leather Punk Biker Jacket

Black leather biker jackets were a popular accessory for punks back in the day. This low-cost, faux leather jacket is ideal for creating a punk costume, and also comes in an attractive wine colour. Wear with a mini skirt (tartan, animal print and leather were popular) or a longer tartan skirt
Punk Rock Tattoo Sets

Perfect for punk and rock dress-up, or why not wind up your friends by pretending you've got real tattoos!

Gothic Punk Corset

Available in black or red, you can create a fantastic punk style with this item which is available in Small to XX-Large. Please note that these are not UK sizes and feedback suggests you should order at least a size larger than your usual size.
Punk Goth Black Leather Necklace Collar
Punk Goth Leather Collar

With a metal heart dangle pendant.

Gothic Armwarmers

Ideal for goth, punk and steampunk fashion, these one-size armwarmers include adjustable straps with buckles.

Gothic Punk Style Ripped Tights

These low-cost, stretchy slashed leggings are ideal for adding to a punk/gothic/rock costume.
Blue Ripped Animal Print Leggings
Ripped Animal Print Tights

These stylish, shredded blue tights are ideal for an 80s punk look and fit sizes 8-14

Emo Gothic Skulls and Roses Top with Bows

A high quality cotton top with lace back and skull pattern. Features satin bows on the shoulders. 


Tall Tartan Ladies Boots by Blue Banana
Ladies Tall Tartan Boots

These awesome boots by Blue Banana are available in UK shoe size 5 and can be worn not only for fancy dress, but also out and about.
Knee High Canvas Punk Boots by Ghope

Low-cost, classic punk style boots available in white, black and red for UK sizes 2 to 9.



Punk Rocker Mohawk Wigs

The most popular punk hair style was the mohawk/mohican, and you can create a classic punk look with one of these low-cost fancy dress wigs.


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