On this page you find a fantastic range of mug gift ideas with a retro gamer theme. Each time the recipient drinks their favourite beverage they can dream about being transported back to the 80s and playing classic 8-bit computer games such as Pac-Man or Space Invaders.

Who would have thought that mugs featuring old video games from the 1980s would be popular in the 2020's? Well, they certainly are, and there are lots of quirky gamer gift ideas here, and some mugs even come with keyrings and coasters.

Super Mario Bros. Build A Level Mug


* Bestseller * Super Mario Bros. Build a Level Mug

This hugely popular official Super Mario Bros. mug by paladone includes 4 sheets of reusable, waterproof stickers, allowing you to build your own unique level! Drinking coffee has never been so much fun, and this mug is a must-have for retro gaming and Mario fans!

Retro Gaming Consoles Mug by Pop art Products


Retro Gaming Consoles Mug

Fans of retro gaming will adore this popular and stylish gift boxed mug, which includes the best gaming consoles from the 70s, 80s and 90s, including Atari Pong, 2600, Nintendo Game Boy, NES, Super NES and Sega Mega Drive with essential facts about each one.

Atari Fuji Logo Mug with Japanese Text


Atari Mug

The 80s without Atari would have been a lonely place for many gamers. From the 2600 console to the ST computer, and the many classic arcade games, just about everyone has some experience of the legendary gaming giant. Check out our Atari Mugs page.

Retro Game Over Mug with Joystick Handle


Game Over Joystick Mug

Featuring an 80s style joystick handle with retro game console graphics, this popular mug will be very well-received by a retro gamer.

Nintendo NES Super Bros Mario Mug with Controller Shaped Handle


Nintendo NES Controller Handle Mug

* Bestseller * A hugely popular retro gaming mug featuring a NES controller-shaped handle and Super Mario Bros. graphic. The perfect gift for anyone who spent their youth playing on the NES. 
Nintendo Game Boy Retro Mug

During the early 90s, an 8-bit hand-held console called the Game Boy took the World by storm. Celebrate those good times with a funky retro gaming mug. Many colours available. Game Boy Coaster also available.
Arcade Veteran 8-bit Gaming Mug

This fantastic retro gaming mug features lots of different characters and objects from various classic 8-bit games including frogger, Pac-Man, Q*Bert, Bubble Bobble etc. The perfect gift for, erm, an arcade veteran!

It's On Like Donkey Kong Mug


Donkey Kong Mug

Pay homage to the iconic 1981 video game with this "It's On Like Donkey Kong" mug by Pyramid, featuring the angry, barrel-throwing gorilla! 

Ms. Pac-Man 80s Video Game Mug Gift


Ms. Pac-Man Retro Gaming Mug

Quality gift boxed Ms. Pac-Man 80s video game mug by Kapow Gifts. Excellent value and a lovely gift for a retro gamer.

Paladone Pac-Man Arcade Cabinet Shaped Mug


Pac-Man Arcade Cabinet-Shaped Mug

The official and very popular Pac-Man mug shaped just like the stand-up arcade game we all played back in the 1980s. A quirky gift for retro gamers.

Pac-Man Mug, Officially Licensed


Official Pac-Man Mug

This officially licensed Pac-Man mug features the original logo and the loveable 80s gaming character himself in running mode!
Personalised Pac Man Mug - add your name

Personalised Pac-Man Mug

Add any name to this high quality mug which would make an ideal gift for a birthday, Christmas etc.

Mario Bros. Retro Gaming Mug


Mario Bros. Retro Gaming Mug

Celebrate the classic 1983 video game with this top quallity, gift-boxed Mario Bros. gaming mug by Kapow Gifts. Lovely gifts for Nintendo and Mario fans of all ages.

It's-A-Me, Mario Mug


It's a Me, Mario Mug

This very popular mug by Pyramid is a must-have for all fans of Nintendo, Mario and retro gaming, and is receiving very high rating by satsified customers.

Keep Calm and Play Video Games Mug


Keep Calm And Play Video Games Mug

The message on this mug is printed on both sides, so when your partner bursts into the room demanding that you do something useful, just smile and show them the mug!

The Legend of Zelda Mug


The Legend of Zelda Mug

The franchise is still going strong since the launch of the original game back in 1986 by Nintendo. This official product by Pyramid International features the message "It's Dangerous To Go Alone... Drink This". 
Official Tetris Heat Change Mug

One of the most popular puzzle games of all time for features on this retro gamers mug. Fill with a hot beverage and the game imprint will appear. Presented in a gift box.

1Up Super Mario Mushroom Mug by Pyramid International


1UP Mario Mushroom Mug

The 1up mushroom first appeared in Super Mario Bros back in 1985. Fans of the Mario games will love this mug by Pyramid International which comes in a gift box. 

Paladone Space Invaders Heat Changing Mug


Space Invaders Heat Changing Mug

This classic shooting game first hit the arcades in 1978 and went on to become hugely successful. Indeed, there can be hardly anyone who hasn't heard of this game! When you add your favourite hot beverage to this officially licensed mug by Paladone, the invaders will appear! Comes in a gift box.

Personalised Space Invaders Mug - Add Any Name


Personalised Space Invader Mug

Add any name! An ideal Birthday/Christmas present. This is a quality mug that is microwave and dishwasher safe and comes well packaged.

Space Invaders Mug, Gift Boxed


Gift Boxed Space Invaders Mug

Featuring the monster alien that was displayed on the original arcade cabinets, this stylish mug will be adored by retro gaming fans.

Commodore 64 Load Text Mug


Commodore 64 "Ready Load Coffee" Mug

If Sinclair or Atari didn't float your 8 bit boat, then chances are you were a Commodore fan. This popular mug by Cafepress UK features the amusing load screen text "Read Load Coffee...".

Sinclair ZX Spectrum Mug


Sinclair ZX Spectrum Keyboard Mug

This is a fun idea and Speccy fans will adore this mug which comes in a presentation gift box. It's also very reasonably priced, too.

ZX Spectrum Mug filled with retro 80s sweets


Zx Spectrum Mug with Retro Sweets

Celebrate the Speccy years with this Spectrum 48k keyboard mug filled with yummy sweets. Exclusive to Sweet and Nostalgic on Amazon.

Sonic The Hedghehog Mug


Sega Sonic The Hedgehog Mug

The original game was launched in 1991 and helped propel Sega to become a 16-bit gaming giant through the 90s. You can celebrate the iconic character with this popular mug.

Sonic The Hedgehog Mug and Socks Gift Set


Sonic The Hedgehog Mug and Socks Gift Set

Slip on these cosy Sonic socks and enjoy a cuppa with this official gift set.

Game Over Gamer Mug with red interior


Retro "Game Over" Mug 

Ideal funny gift for any gamer who's just married. High quality mug made in the UK featuring 1980s style "Game Over" text. Available with red or black inside.

Game Boy (Mugboy) Coaster Retro Gift for gamers


Nintendo Gameboy (Mugboy) Coaster

A very cool, heat resistant coaster which is designed to take any standard sized mug. 

Pac-Man Rubber Coasters, Easy Wipe


Pac-Man Coasters

A set of five Pac-Man and Ghost Shaped rubber coasters. Easy to wipe clean and this official product is highly rated by customers. Quirky gift idea for gaming addicts.

Commodore Amiga Workbench v1.3 Mug

Anyone who owned an Amiga will have used Work Bench, which was the graphical interface that came built into the OS. This unique mug will be well-received by fans of Commodore's home computer. 

Q-Bert Retro Gaming Mug Gift


Q*Bert Gaming Mug

While not quite as well-known as Pac-Man, Q*Bert certainly gained a cult following, and with his odd-looking tubular nose, he became a much-loved character from the 80s gaming scene. Fans will really appreciate this quality gift-boxed mug.

Outrun 80s Video Game Logo Mug


Outrun 80s Video Game Mug

We can't offer you the Ferrari Testarossa or the blonde lady from the iconic 80s driving game, but you can have the next best thing, a mug featuring the text logo - this mug by Kapow Gifts is great value and comes gift boxed.